Accelerate Accomplish Achieve Acquire
Act/Perform Adapt Administer Advance
Advertise Advise Analyze Anticipate
Apply Appraise Approve Arrange
Assemble Assess Assist Assign
Attain Audit Authorize Automate
Balance Bargain Budget Build
Buy Calculate Care Carry
Catalog Chair Change Chart
Choose/Chose Classify Clean Clerk
Coach Collaborate Collect Color
Communicate Compare Compile Complete
Compose Comprehend Compute Concentrate
Conceptualize Conclude Conduct Confront
Connect Consolidate Construct/Build Contact
Contract Control Convert Cooperate
Coordinate Copy Correspond Corroborated
Counsel Create Critique Cultivate
Decide Decrease Define Delegate
Demonstrate Describe Designate Design
Detail Detect Develop Devise
Diagnose Discover Display Distribute
Documented Draft Draw/Drew Edit
Educate Employed Encourage Enforced
Endure Engineer Ensured Entertain
Establish Estimate Evaluate Examine
Exchange Execute Exhibit Expedite
Explain Fabricated Facilitate Filed
Familiarize Figure Financed Fit
Follow Forecast Foresee Forge
Formalize Formulate Gather Generate
Govern Grade Grind Grow/Raise
Guide Handle Help Hire
Identify Illustrate Imagine Implement
Improve Improvise Increase Index
Influence Inform Initiate Innovate/Invent
Inspect Inspire Install Institute
Instruct Integrate Interact Interpret
Interview Inventory Investigate Judge
Justify Lead Lift Liquidate
Listen Load Locate Made
Maintain Manage Manipulate Market
Master Measure Mediate Memorize
Mentor Merchandise Model Moderate
Modify Monitor Motivate Move
Navigate Negotiate Nurture Observe
Obtain Operate Order Organize
Originate Participate Perceive Perform
Persist Persuade Photograph Place
Plan Predict Prepare Present
Preside Print Problem/solve Process
Procure Produce Program Promote
Proofread Protect Provide Publicize
Publish Purchase Push/Pull Question
Rate Read Reason/Reconcile Recommend
Record Recruit Redesign Reduce
Refer Reinforce Relate Reorganize
Repair Report Represent Research
Resolve Respond Restore Retrieve
Revise Review Scan Schedule
Screen Search Secure Separate
Select Serve Shape Sketch
Solve Sort Speak/Spoke Specified
Staff Standardize Steer Stimulate
Stock Streamline Strengthen Structure
Study Summarize Supervise Support
Survey Systemize Teach/Taught Tailor
Track Train Transcribe Transfer
Transform Transmit Translate Travel
Treat Tutored Type Unify
Update Upgrade Utilize Visualize
Volunteer Write/Wrote

You may use the following words to describe yourself in cover letters, resumes, interviews and thank you letters:

Active Accurate Adaptable Adventurous
Affectionate Aggressive Alert Ambitious
Artistic Assertive Attractive Bold
Broad-minded Business-like Calm Capable
Careful Cautious Cheerful Clear-thinking
Clever Competent Competitive Confident
Conscientious Conservative Considerate Cooperative
Courageous Creative Curious Daring
Deliberate Democratic Dependable Determined
Dignified Discreet Dominant Eager
Easygoing Efficient Emotional Energetic
Enterprising Enthusiastic Fair-minded Farsighted
Firm Flexible Forceful Formal
Frank Friendly Fun-loving Generous
Gentle Good-natured Happy-go-lucky Healthy
Helpful Honest Humorous Idealistic
Imaginative Independent Individualistic Industrious
Informal Ingenious Intellectual Intelligent
Inventive Kind Leisurely Light-hearted
Likeable Logical Loyal Mature
Methodical Meticulous Mild Moderate
Modest Natural Obliging Open-minded
Opportunistic Optimistic Organized Original
Outgoing Painstaking Patient Peaceable
Persevering Pleasant Poised Polite
Popular Practical Precise Progressive
Prudent Purposeful Quick Quiet
Rational Realistic Reasonable Reflective
Relaxed Reliable Reserved Resourceful
Responsible Retiring Robust Self-confident
Self-controlled Sensible Sensitive Serious
Sharp-witted Sincere Sociable Spontaneous
Stable Steady Strong Strong-minded
Sympathetic Tactful Teachable Tenacious
Thorough Thoughtful Tolerant Tough
Trusting Trustworthy Unaffected Unassuming
Understanding Uninhibited Verbal Versatile
Warm Wholesome