Resume Samples

Below are links to sample resumes to help you with writing your own document. These samples are meant for you to use as guides. Therefore, try to avoid copying the samples word for word. Instead, include your own experiences and create a format that works for you. 


Chronological Resume

A format to present experience and education in reverse chronological order. Recommended users: Those with little or no industry experience.


Beginning Combination

A format to group experiences and skills together. Recommended users: Those with some industry experience.

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Advanced Combination

A format to group relevant professional experiences and skills. Focused on marketing to a specific position or field. Recommended users: Those with industry experience.
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Functional Resume

A format to highlight skills and accomplishments versus work history. Recommended users: Non-traditional students, career changers, applicants for promotion.

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Graduate School Resume

For students who are applying to graduate school.


 Resume Examples by Colleges

These are example resumes and are not meant to be a template or a representation of the “right” way to write a resume. Instead, take ideas from any and all of the following examples and craft a resume that works for you to highlight your skills and experience to a future employer!

Arts, Humanities and Social Science

Education, Health, and Human Sciences


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics