Job searching requires a lot of work and effort. Follow these steps to make the best use of your time and effort.

Step 1. Develop an Effective Resume and Cover Letter

Review resume and cover letter writing materials found in our office or on our website.

Step 2. Upload or Update your resume on CareerLink

Step 3: Network for Co-ops and professional careers

(Remember: 70-85% of jobs are never advertised!)
  • Let family, relatives, and friends know that you are looking for a Co-op or professional position.
  • Let faculty and staff know that you are looking.
  • Contact employers you've met through career conference, open houses, student organizations, and previous work.
  • Join LinkedIn and other professional social networking sites.
  • Contact "Career Mentors" by major and geographic location on CareerLink.
  • Contact Stout Alumni in your major.
  • Conduct Informational Interviews with professionals in your field.
  • Join Professional Associations related to your major.
  • For additional information, review Networking on our website

Step 4: Pursue advertised Co-ops and professional careers

Step 5: “Prospect” for Co-ops and professional careers

  • See "Prospecting Job Search Method".
  • Use "ReferenceUSA" to prospect for employers in a desired geographic area. ReferenceUSA is a company research tool available on CareerLink.  View the following ReferenceUSA videos.

Step 6: Prepare for interviews

Step 7: Evaluate the interview and follow-up