•     Log into your CareerLink account (if you have not accessed your account see below).
  •     Click "Career Events" in the top navigation bar.
  •    Select "Career Conference" from the "Category" Field and click search
  •     Select the  Career Conference day that is specific to your major.
  •     Click on "View Employers".
  •     Select "Advanced Search"; then select your major.
  •     Click "Search." You will see a list of the employers looking for your major.

** Tip 1: Do a search for your major on the other day of the Career Conference.  It is not surprising to find a few more employers looking for your major.  There are employers who are not looking for a specific major, just talented individuals pursuing a bachelors degree...like you!!
** Tip 2: Check out the "
Career Conference Advice" section to make a positive impression at the Career Conference.

How to access CareerLink

  • Go to the CareerLink log in site on the left side of this page.
  • Select the "Student" button.
  • Enter your username and password (same login credentials as your Webmail and D2L).
  • Complete your profile information.