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Student organizations

  • Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)-University of Wisconsin-Stout gay/straight alliance.
  • LGBTQ Program Office
  • Pride Alliance
  • GreenSense (GreenSense) Greensense is an environmental organization that strives to raise awareness of both global and local environmental issues.
  • Stout Recycle Mania (Recycle Mania)
  • Veterans Club (Veterans Club)-A University Wisconsin Stout student governed organization which promotes Americanism, sponsors activities, promotes patriotic ceremonies and participates in university/local community activities.
  • Social Science Society (SSS) The SSS is an environment where students can debate, research, lecture, and discuss topics of their choice, ranging from international relations, economics, politics, culture, religion, intelligence communities and causes of poverty, and national and world conflict. The SSS is an open forum, meaning anyone is free to attend and open a discussion on a topic of their choice. Varied opinions and viewpoints are welcomed and encouraged - anyone should feel comfortable attending and speaking their mind but should be respectful of others opinions as much as they would expect others to respect their own.
  • Sustainable Agriculture in Education Association (SAEA)- The Sustainable Agriculture Education Association (Association) promotes and supports the development, application, research, and exchange of best teaching and learning practices in sustainable agriculture education and curricula through communication, training, development, and collaborative activities for teachers and learners. We are very proud to say that we are the first pilot undergraduate chapter in the UW system. We will be doing community, volunteer, and service work with local farmers and establishments. The educational material will be applicable to the work we will be doing and will promote general knowledge of sustainable agriculture at UW-Stout.

Other Links

  • Dunn County News Sept 15, 2011 re: September 11
  • Diverse Students Speak at UW-Stout
  • Racial Equity Tools
  • Sustainable Dunn
  • AmeriCorps Stout VISTA (AmeriCorpsVISTA)- AmeriCorps VISTA, or Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA), was founded in 1965 as a domestic version of the Peace Corps. The program was incorporated into AmeriCorps and renamed AmeriCorps Vista with the creation of AmeriCorps in 1993. VISTA provides full-time members to nonprofit, faith-based and other community organizations, and public agencies to create and expand programs that ultimately bring low-income individuals and communities out of poverty. AmeriCorps VISTA is the national service program designed specifically to fight poverty. There are currently over 5,000 VISTA members serving in 1,200 VISTA programs nationwide. VISTA members commit to serve full-time for a year at a nonprofit organization or local government agency, working to fight illiteracy, improve health services, create businesses, strengthen community groups, and much more. With passion, commitment, and hard work, AmeriCorps VISTAs create or expand programs designed to bring individuals and communities out of poverty.
  • StoutReach (StoutReach)- Stoutreach is a program coordinated by the Involvement and Leadership Staff, which is designed to provide significant learning experiences for students through meaningful service activities that benefit the community.
  • Bias and Hate Incident Reporting

Edwards, K. E. (2006). Aspiring social justice ally identity development. NASPA Journal 43 (4), 39-60.

Full Published Article PDF

"Individuals who are supportive of social justice efforts are not always effective in their anti-oppression efforts. Some who genuinely aspire to act as social justice allies are harmful, ultimately, despite their best intentions, perpetuating the system of oppression they seek to change. Different underlying motivations of those who aspire to be allies can lead to differences in effectiveness, consistency, outcome, and sustainability. The conceptual model presented here, using underlying motivation to frame the different issues and challenges facing those who are aspiring allies, is offered as a tool for student affairs professionals’ self-reflection and developing students as allies for social justice." Edwards website -