Admission Information

Information for All Applicants

This section provides general information for degree-seeking students. If you wish to take classes for professional or personal development, you need only read the section titled “Special Students.”

If you will be taking classes to work toward a degree, you must apply for admission to the university. You can obtain a UW System Application for Admission form by writing the director of Admissions at UW-Stout, contacting any Wisconsin or Minnesota high school guidance office, or online at

UW-Stout accepts applications as early as September 15 for admission to the following fall term. There is no deadline for ap­plications; however, we are limited in the number of students we can accept. Applicants may declare a major on the application form or apply as “undecided.”

Keep in mind that you may also have to meet entry standards set by a school or department. See the sections on the individual programs for more information.

UW-Stout will keep you informed of pertinent changes at the university. If you have the chance to study part time elsewhere, you will be able to check the transferability of your course work to UW-Stout by contacting the university’s Admissions Office. If transferring from a UW System institution, check online at

Notice: You must provide the university with accurate information about your personal and educational history. UW-Stout’s policy is that students who intentionally falsify or omit information given as part of their university record will be suspended.

Admission Categories

Admission procedures and standards vary somewhat from group to group. Following is a definition of each category. Find the category that applies to you (definitions below) and select the appropriate tab at the top of this page:

  • Freshmen: graduates of high schools in the United States and those who will be graduating, who have not attended another university or technical college or school after high school.

  • Transfer students: applicants who have attended another university, technical or community college, and wish to transfer to UW-Stout.

  • Re-entry students: students who have attended UW-Stout in the past and wish to again take classes at the university.

  • Special students: students (including those still in high school) who wish to further their education, but are not seeking a degree from UW-Stout.

  • Youth Options: high school students who wish to take university courses under the Youth Options program. Students must apply both through their high school and UW-Stout for permission to enroll.

  • International students: students from countries other than the United States who wish to attend UW-Stout.


Auditing Classes

If you are not concerned about receiving college credit for courses you take, you may audit classes. Wisconsin residents may audit classes for 30 percent of the normal per credit academic fee. The cost for nonresidents is 50 percent of the normal fee. Senior citizens age 60 or older by the first day of class only pay textbook and lab fees for audit credits and laptops.

You may audit classes provided that you apply for admission; the class teacher approves your request to audit the class; you pay any special costs for course instruction other than the normal tu­ition; and the university will not be required to provide additional classroom or laboratory space for you, and will not realize increased instructional costs.

You will receive only provisional permission to attend classes until course registration is completed. You may not change your admission status and take the course for credit once the class has started. A course which has been audited may not be retaken for credit. You will be subject to Regent, university and student gov­ernment regulations, just like students who are taking courses for credit.

Note: As with all students attending the university, special students and auditors must provide UW-Stout with accurate information about their personal and educational history. The university policy is that students who intentionally falsify or omit information given as part of their university record will be suspended.