Financial Assistance

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office provides resources to UW-Stout students who need assistance in paying for college costs. This assistance is in the form of student loans.

Financial aid must be applied for annually with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is available online at If you apply electronically, the student and parents may use a PIN to electronically sign the FAFSA. A PIN is easily obtained online at The Financial Aid Office recommends the FAFSA online, as it is easy to use and shortens application processing time.

UW-Stout’s Federal School Code Number is 003915. This number is required on the FAFSA if the results are designated for Stout. When the results of the FAFSA are received by Stout, the student may be asked for further information or clarification. Once the application process is complete, the student will receive an award letter to accept or decline the aid offered.

Students may submit their financial aid application on or after January 1 of the academic year of enrollment. UW-Stout’s recommended priority filing date is March 15 for a fall start date. Financial aid application must be made each year. See important dates online.

Financial aid is awarded based on need, enrollment status and aid program availability. Students must be enrolled in a degree program at UW-Stout and maintain satisfactory academic progress.

All available federal and state financial aid, except earnings from work study, will be credited directly to student accounts at the beginning of each semester. All university charges will be deducted from aid funds prior to any refund to the student.

All financial aid awarded may be subject to change because of levels of state or federal funding or receipt of aid at prior post-secondary institutions or any new information including receipt of aid or resources such as scholarships.

More complete information about the topics mentioned here, as well as information on available resources including student employment, loans, application procedures, scholarships and grants, alternative loans and other aid is available on the Financial Aid website.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships provide stipends in return for a designated amount of professional service. Graduate teaching assistantships provide stipends in return for time spent teaching a laboratory or discussion session. Assistantships range from one-eighth time to one-half time. Graduate assistantships of one-third or more time may include a partial or full waiver of the non-resident portion of tuition. Non-resident tuition waivers are subject to availability of funds. Students with a waiver for two consecutive semesters, or a waiver for spring semester, may also receive the award of a tuition waiver for the regular summer session. A graduate assistant must carry a minimum of six credits per semester or three credits per summer session while on the assistantship. The maximum credit hour load may also be limited during the term of the assistantship. Graduate assistantships are controlled by the various departments, units and/or research grants of the university.

To become eligible for an assistantship, a student must be admitted to a graduate degree program (graduate special and dual level students are not eligible). Students who have made application for graduate assistantship, and have been admitted to the Graduate School, generally have the best opportunity to make their qualifications known to the various supervisors who employ graduate assistants. Detailed information on how to view, search and apply for assistantships is available on the Graduate School website. Early application is essential. It is the responsibility of the student to make contact with the supervisor indicated on the list for more information on the positions and setting up an interview. The department offering the position makes a recommendation to Human Resources concerning the graduate assistant to be hired. Human Resources officially offers the position to the prospective applicant by sending them a written contract that should be signed and returned before work begins. An application is valid for one academic year.

Assistantships are normally filled on an academic year basis, although some assistantships can be for one semester only. A one-half time assistantship requires 20 hours work per week (640 hours per year). Additional information is available online at the Graduate Studies website.