US Bank Travel Card Information

US Bank Corporate Travel Card (Personal Liability)

This card may be used for any expenditures related to University business travel.  The card is NOT intended for personal use or daily expenses unless in travel status.  Employee is reimbursed on a TER and then personally pays the card statement.  This card should be paid off in full monthly.

UW System General Information for Cardholders
    • NOTE: To access account information cardholder must first register.  Go to the US Bank site to register
    • Stout's short name is STWISC
Electronic payments
      Once in Access Online select:
    • Account Information
    • Statement
    • View statement (link to electronic payment is located there)


US Bank ProTravel Card (University Liability)

This card can be used for large groups who are traveling together. FAQ.

Contact the Travel Auditor for more information on who is eligible and how to apply.  Allow adequate time for application process prior to travel.