Reimbursement Procedures for Interview Candidates

Interview candidates follow the same travel requirements and reimbursement procedure as UW-employees.  

When reimbursing any expense related to interview candidates, the Request to Reimburse the Applicant and the Interview Itinerary need to be included with the TER.  This also applies to staff taking a candidate out to eat. To be reimbursed for the candidate's meal, the receipt needs to be itemized and attached to the TER. A credit card slip is not acceptable.

Reimbursement of candidates is done through the e-reimbursement process. The  Non-Employee Profile Set Up Form needs to be completed and submitted before the candidate can be reimbursed.

Reimbursement Procedures for Student Travel

The University needs to benefit from any student travel that is to be reimbursed.  Justification for the travel needs to be included on the Travel Expense Report (TER)

Reimbursement of student travel follows the same rules as UW-Employees.  Airfare for students can be booked by the student or by a staff member.  If a staff member books the travel it should be done through the UW Travel Wise portal.   Fox World can be contacted directly by a staff member and they will book the travel.  Fox World Reservation Center number is 866-230-8787.