Student Business Services Staff (Cashier's Office)

Kathy Retz, Bursar
 715-232-1656  |
Responsible for the following functional areas:
  • Student AR's
  • Financial Aid Distribution
  • University Cashiering
  • Delinquent Accounts
  • eStout and Laptop Accounting 
  • Perkins Loan Collection
Julie Cook, Educational Loan Collector 
715-232-1171  |
  • Maintain/coordinate third party billing services for Perkins Loan
  • Collection of NDSL/Perkins loan
  • Collection of all university miscellaneous accounts
Collections Specialist
715-232-1657  |  
  • Loan collection
  • Investigate delinquent accounts
Kim Karis, Financial Specialist
715-232-1403  |
  • Process all miscellaneous revenue from GPR, PRO, SEG, and federal funding sources
  • Supervise/train Credit Card use
  • Assist student billing cashier

Kathy Larsen, Student Accounts
715-232-1656 |
  • Support Student Accounts Receivable Records
  • Student Payment Cashier
  • Assist Revenue Cashier in Pre-Auditing, Receipting, & Balancing

Diane Oakland, Payment Services & Customized Instruction 
715-232-3685 |
  • Veterans Benefits Processing
  • Coordinate CI processes in the Business Office
  • Coordination of Seg Fee Waivers
  • Maintain Financial Records for Study Abroad and Foreign Exchange Program

Arlene Schuler, Student Accounts
715-232-2349 |
  • Assist in the Management of the State and Federal GI Bill Program
  • Manage Withdrawal Process
  • Support Student Account Records
  • Process Specialty Payments
  • Assist Student Payment Cashier
  • Coordinate Reciprocity and Marital Property Program
  • Management of ImageNow Processing
  • Assist with Temporary Employee Management

Joan Wahl, eStout Laptop Administrative Coordinator 
715-232-2649 |
  • Laptop distribution and recovery activities
  • Support and assistance to the UW-Stout Laptop Program
  • Negotiation of vendor contracts and lease agreements
  • Inventory tracking and program documentation and reporting


Procurement & Materials Management Staff

Brent Tilton
715-232-2346 |
  • Direct all procurement functions for the university according to state guidelines and laws, including the delivery and disposal of obsolete items.
  • Review of all university contracts to ensure accordance with state guidelines.
  • Responsible for the fiscally sound purchasing as well as ethical and legal contracts.

Oran Bertram
Surplus Operator
715-232-2462 |
  • Surplus Stores preparation and sales
  • Surplus pick-up and delivery

Lori Brostrom
Mail Service Administrator
715-232-1347 |
  • Preparation of outgoing mail services
  • Bulk Mail & freight

Mary Dodge
Receiving Coordinator and University Stores
715-232-2193 |
  • Incoming/outgoing freight coordination
  • Central Stores coordinator
  • Maintains Central Stores charge backs

Bob Dodge
Surplus Coordinator
715-232-2262 |
  • Online Auction Sales
  • e-Cycle Program
  • Surplus Coordination

Ryan Dolan
Printing Assistant
715-232-1776 |
  • Campus Consultant for graphic  design
  • Preparation of document for printing
  • Identity Standard member

Merri King
Assistant Director
715-232-2466 |
  • Direct comprehensive procurement for purchasing and commodities, serving as contracting officer with delegation up to $50,000.
  • Counsel university staff solutions to print purchase of commodities, services and equipment.
  • Supervise Printing Services, Mailroom, Stores and Shipping/Receiving.
  • Responsible for University's identity program

Michelle Klass
Senior Purchasing Agent 
715-232-2453 | 
  • Procurement Card Coordinator
  • Convenience Copier
  • Fixed Assets
  • RFP/ RFB purchases 

Jamie Klinkhammer 
Shipping & Mail Services Associate
715-232-1347 |
  • Mail distribution and delivery
  • Post Office pick-up and drop-off
  • Central Receiving and freight delivery

Kyle Kuester
Shipping & Mail Services Associate
  • Mail distribution and delivery
  • Post Office pick-up and drop-off
  • Central Receiving and freight delivery

Purchasing Agent
  • Contract Coordinator
  • Bids <$25,000

Procurement & Material Management Fax: 715-232-1565

Business and Financial Services Staff

Kim Schulte-Shoberg

Controller, Director of Business & Financial Services 

  • Maintains the overall integrity of the financial records and internal control environment of the university.

  • Directs the financial analysis and reporting of the University.
  • Directs the development of fiscal plans, systems, and procedures of the University consistent with GAAP.
  • Responsible for overseeing the areas of Accounting Services, Student Business Services and Procurement & Material Management.

Cathy Weber

IS Business System Senior Analyst

  • Provide project management, systems analysis, design, implementation, and technical skills and support for the implmentation Team and the Operating System of the Bursars's Office
  • Maintain PeopleSoft Student Financial modules
  • Support and manage records
  • Coordinate procedures

Amy Gjestson

Business Manager

  • Account and budget manager for Business and Financial Services, Student Business Services, Accounting Services, and Procurement and Materials Management  
  • Financial Analysis
  • Special Projects
  • BFS Website Management 

 Fax: 715-232-2307

Accounting Services Staff

Kary Smith
Assistant Controller
715-232-2344 |
  • Directs all activities of Accounting Services, including AP, Pre-Audit, Travel Reimbursement, General Ledger, and Grant/Contract Accounting
  • Responsible for design and oversight of accounting system architecture
  • Formulate and implement financial policies and procedures
  • Respond to financial requests

Jenna Bourn
Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Processes payment for utility, subscriptions, memberships, and other miscellaneous direct charge invoices
  • Auditing and processing of invoices
  • Provide tax exempt certificate and W-9 form by request
  • Utility chargebacks, various assessments, and file maintenance of the vendors.

Carla Greiber
Travel Auditor/Grants and Contracts Financial Specialist
715-232-2334 |
  • Travel expense reports, advances, registrations, audit, and processing 
  • US Bank Corporate Travel card
  • Assists the Grants and Contracts Accountant with the responsibility for financial reporting and administration of extramural sponsored projects
  • Performs fiscal administration of Federal & non-Federal grants/ contracts
  • Trains campus users in grants administration and financial reporting
  • Oversight of student organization agency accounts.

Leigh May
Grants and Contracts Accountant
715-232-2640 | 
  • Post-award accounting and administration for all federal and non-federal grants, contracts and gifts associated with the University
  • Serves as the Business and Financial Services liaison for the campus document imaging initiative
  • Maintains cash management systems for grants and accounting for federal financial aid programs
  • Processes external invoices

General Ledger Accountant
Please contact Kary Smith (see above)

  • Posting of all receipt of revenues, encumbrances, payments to vendors, charge backs, transfers, including budget transfers
  • Correcting entries and assessments to university accounts for all departments 

FAX: 715-232-2307