The Program

The B.E.4U program is designed around your earned baccalaureate degree program in business administration, business finance, business management, marketing or your MBA degree. 

To build your classroom teaching confidence and competence, this program immerses you in field based experiences:

  • Multicultural pre-clinical experiences within PK-12 school settings
  • Pre-student teaching within PK-12 classrooms
  • School-based experiences such as tutoring and teaching
  • Student teaching (one semester across middle and high school BE programs) under the direction of licensed business cooperating teachers
  • Participation within local and state professional organizations
  • Documentation and reflection through your teaching portfolio development

Summer Session  » 11 credits

  • Introduction to Business and Marketing Education
  • Foundations of Education
  • Educational Psychology
  • Methods of Teaching Business Education I

Fall Semester » 13 credits

  • Foundations of Education in a Pluralistic Society
    or Education in a Pluralistic Society
  • Secondary Reading and Language
  • Methods of Teaching Business Education II
  • Course Construction for Career and Technical Educators
  • Cross Cultural Field Experience
    or Field Study

Winter Session » 3 credits

  • Psychology of the Exceptional Child
  • Theoretical Foundations of Contemporary
  • Practices in Special Education

Spring Semester » 14-15 credits

  • Measurement and Evaluation in the Secondary School
    or Instructional Evaluation in Career and Technical Education
  • Student Teaching
  • Second Portfolio

Contact Information

Lila Waldman, Ph.D.

Urs Haltinner, Ph.D.