Frequently Asked Questions

About the BE4U Program

  »  Is this licensure program for me?

Yes if you…

  • are passionate about working with children and adolescents
  • possess an earned undergraduate degree in business management, administration, marketing, finance, or other business functional area
  • have real business experience and are intrigued and interested by all things business
  • desire to learn and continue to be a lifelong learner about all things teaching and learning
  • can commit to a progressive sequence of courses that move you efficiently though to certification
  • have the time and energy to engage in challenging online and in-field learning experiences
  • see the connection between k-12 and post-secondary education systems key to evolving capable and successful entrepreneurs and business leaders


  »  Is the BE4U program accredited?

UW-Stout and UW-Whitewater are each accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Both universities, their respective programs, including the BE4U accelerated program are approved by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to prepare teachers – candidates for WI BE 250 licensure.

  »  How do I begin the program? How long does it take?

Contact either Lila Waldman or Urs Haltinner to discuss the opportunity, both can guide you through the process should you have questions or concerns.

Use the planning resources on the website to inform your tentative plan and assess how your degree supports completing the requirements of the program.

The program takes one full year once you meet the prerequisite requirements.

You will start in the summer (2013) and move to completing in the following summer (2014).

  »  Which University will endorse me for licensure?

You will be asked to select your home institution. By doing so you will be in contact with the program adviser. While you will take courses from both universities taught by instructors affiliated with the BE4U program the home university will:

  • facilitate your grade reports and transcripts
  • provide the services of its program adviser
  • offer university services such as billing, financial aid, test out facilitation and processes.
  • facilitate the recommendation for your licensure to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction


  »  Can I earn a graduate degree concurrently with completing the program?

It depends on a range of variables:

  • the type of graduate degree that you desire to earn
  • the financial commitment that you are willing to make
  • what you see your teaching and learning career direction to be in five to seven years into your teaching career

Please discuss the options with your selected home institution program adviser.

About Online Learning

  »  Can I take courses from other universities?

The program is designed based on meeting the rigid standards and benchmarks that the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction requires from its approved UW-Whitewater and UW-Stout teacher education programs.

The recommended course sequence must be completed as specified on the program plan in your effort to move efficiently through the program with peers that you get to know and count on throughout the program.

Technical courses that help you meet business, marketing, and information communications technology gaps can be taken from accredited universities and/or technical colleges as long as your program plan and program adviser approves them.

  »  How are online classes conducted?

Online learning enables interested students to enroll in university courses without traveling to the university campus at set times. Online learning involves connecting to the internet to obtain content material, retrieve and submit assignments and participate in discussions, and the like with classmates and course instructors. 

As a student you will participate in a wide range of activities, projects, and discussion to meet the course outcomes. You will need to be time efficient, motivated, and responsive to your learning community to maximize your learning. Please know that online courses vary based on the content, instructor preferences, learner needs, and licensure guides and standards. The course is available online continuously from the course begin to end date.

Instructors will provide a course structure, progressive sequence of units or modules, ground rules/guides, due dates/deadlines, available office hours, and contact opportunities outside of the online environment via email and/or phone. Make certain that you read all instructor emails and course announcements on a daily basis. As a general rule, you should check your e-mail and the course discussion board three to five days each week in order to keep up with discussions, questions and assignments.

  »  How does an online course differ from an on-campus course?

The difference between an online course and an on-campus course is in the method of accessing and engaging with the content materials. Course objectives and expectations are the same in an online course as an on-campus course, though the methods of delivery may differ significantly. In-class lectures are replaced by various online multimedia presentations, and students are expected to participate frequently in online discussion groups. Assignments are accessed and submitted electronically. Resource materials are provided online (electronically) or may be purchased through online sources.

  »  Do I have to be an experienced Internet/computer user to take an online course?

In order to take an online course, you must have a computer (MS Windows or Mac OSX), high-speed Internet access, and be competent in navigating the Internet, email use, and proficient in word processing.

The University of Wisconsin Whitewater and Stout employ Microsoft Products and Adobe PDF documents as the primary communications and presentation tools.

Access to Microsoft Word is required to prepare documents during the course. Microsoft Office is available to all University of Wisconsin System students at a university student discount for a nominal fee.

Software may be purchased online at WISC: the Wisconsin Integrated Software Catalog.

As a future business and information technology teacher it is critical that you be a courageous and competent user of a wide range of software and computer hardware.

  »  What computer system resources do I need to take an online course at UW-Stout and UW-Whitewater?

Some courses may include recorded audio and video components, and you will need Internet "plug-ins" such as RealPlayer or QuickTime to view these components. You may check with the course instructor before the class begins to find out what additional components will be necessary. 

Many of these "plug-ins" are available to download free off of the internet. A listing of sites that offer commonly needed and downloadable plug-ins are provided for you on the Free Downloadable Plug-ins page found under Technical Support in the Learner Center.

  »  Will I have access to the Stout and Whitewater libraries?

Students enrolled in the program will have full access to UW-Stout library or UW-Whitewater library databases, online articles from professional journals, and other resources available through the library’s distance learning electronic services.