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Alumni and friends of UW-Stout can serve the university through a wide variety of volunteer opportunities, all of which make the university and its education better for todays and future students. If you would be interested in serving UW-Stout this way, here are a number of different options, and a way for you to let us know what you would consider doing.

  • Serve On An Advisory Board

    Advisory boards are in place for all academic programs at UW-Stout, and meet one or two times per year. Advisory boards are composed of alumni and friends from the industry pertinent to that academic program, and offer counsel on trends in the industry, hiring practices, academic curricular needs, and sometimes offer equipment or other support to the program.

  • Share Expertise In A Class

    Graduates of UW-Stout, and sometimes friends of the university, often return to guest lecture in a specific class or seminar. The real world experience these volunteers bring to students is invaluable in helping students know how the industry to profession really works.

  • Host An Alumni Event

    Host or co-sponsor an alumni event at your home or business. Connect and network with alumni in your geographical area. Alumni events are held throughout the United States, providing an opportunity for Stout alumni to connect. Events are often co-hosted by alumni, either in their home or place of business.

  • Host a Visit at your Company

    Alumni and friends willing to invite individual students, or entire classes of students to the company where they work, to see how a specific manufacturing or management process works is very valuable to students and faculty. Recent examples include the companies which host the spring Stout Typographical Society tours in the Graphic Communication Management program area.

  • Read and Review Scholarships

    Each year volunteer reviewers read scholarship applications for the Foundation’s scholarship program. Every applicant for a scholarship (numbers of applicants range up to 1,500 per year) is read by three reviewers through an online application and review process. Each reviewer considers between 60-75 applications during a two-week period in February.

  • Serve on the Foundation or Alumni Board of Directors

    Both the Stout University Foundation board and the Stout Alumni Association board provide policy oversight and recommend direction for the alumni and fundraising and endowment programs for the University. Both boards operate through multiple committees, and meet two to three times per year on campus.

  • Mentor a Student

    Working one on one with a current student who is studying in the academic program you did as a student, or in the area you now work, can be very helpful for that student, and can give you a sense of the future of the profession through the student’s perspective.

  • Assist the Admissions Office

    Recommending students who should be considering UW-Stout and its specialized programs, or helping students from your area plan a visit to campus, or joining an admissions counselor at a college night program all can provide additional outreach for this important enrollment management effort at Stout.

  • Submit a Story

    The Stout Outlook is published four times per year (one print and three e-newsletters). Consider submitting your story regarding your promotion, news of your marriage/children, new business venture or information on your current employment or activities.

  • Other

    Have other skills or interests you would care to share? Tell us about them and how you believe you could help.

Stay Connected!

If you would consider serving the university in any of these areas, send your contact information and area of interest to