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Bob Butterfield is the 2016 recipient of the University Library’s Barnard Outstanding Service Award. 

Outstanding Teaching Awards: 
- D. Chris Ferguson, Associate Professor, Social Science 
- Jay Jones, Lecturer, Hospitality & Tourism 
- Arthur Kneeland, Senior Lecturer, Biology 
- Robin Muza, Senior Lecturer, Human Development & Family Studies 
- Jill Paetzold, Assistant Professor, Business 
- Evan Sveum, Senior Lecturer, Communication Technologies 

Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award: 
- Deanna Schultz, Associate Professor, Teaching, Learning & Leadership 

Outstanding Senior Researcher:
 - Dr. James Burritt, Professor, Biology, CSTEMM
 - Dr. Forrest Schultz, Professor, Chemistry/Physics, CSTEMM  

Outstanding Emerging Researcher: 
- Dr. Eugen (Andrei) Ghenciu, Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, CSTEMM 

Wisconsin Teaching Fellows: 
- Melody Brennan, Assistant Professor, School of Education, CEHHHS
- Debbie Stanislawski, Professor, School of Education, CEHHHS 

Faculty College Nominees: 
- Kimberly Martinez, Associate Professor, School of Education, CEHHHS 
- Joan Navarre, Associate Professor, English & Philosophy, CACHSS 
- Abhimanuyu Ghosh, Assistant Professor, Engineering & Technology, CSTEMM 
- Cassandra Kopp, Associate Lecturer, Communication Technologies, CACHSS 

Barnard Award:
 - Kate Kramschuster, Academic Librarian, University Library 

2017 Safety Recognition Awards: ­
Julie Berglund, biology lab technician ­
Shaun Dudek, assistant professor ­
Deano Samens, process lab supervisor ­
Cathie Weissman, financial specialist



Belva “Bel” Brockman, 75, of Eau Claire, passed away Monday, July 11. Brockman was employed in the biology department for 34 years, retiring in May 2007. 

Terry A. Eikamp, 67, of Menomonie, passed away July 25.  Eikamp worked for 26 years as assistant to the controller and 15 years as business manager for the athletics department at UW-Stout until his retirement in 2011.  

Richard Peter, June 23, 2016, Wausau. Richard was a Technology Education Professor for 22 years. 

Linda Wagner, 69, of Menomonie, passed away Friday, Nov. 11.  She worked in the Chancellor’s office, administration office and art department until her retirement in 2009. 

Gene D. Kunes, 88, of Menomonie, passed away Sunday, Nov. 13.  He worked as a purchasing manager at UW-Stout for 10 years until his retirement in 1986. 

Marlene D. Edens, 77, of Menomonie passed away Oct. 16.  Edens was a cook in University Dining Services for 19 years, retiring in 2014. 

Susan Eberhard, 58, of Stevens Point, passed away Wednesday Nov. 23.  She was a professor in rehabilitation and counseling from 1998 until her retirement in 2013.

Darrell Coffey, 92, of Altoona, passed away Saturday December 3, 2016.  Darrell was a professor in the rehabilitation department when he retired in 1989.  He was granted emeritus status.

Helen Elizabeth Ploughe Klitzke `74 MS `81 passed away November 22, 2016.  She retired from UW-Stout in 1989.

Donald Wik, 80, of Downsville, passed away Wednesday Dec. 28, 2016.  He was an instrument shop coordinator in UW-Stout’s manufacturing and engineering lab for 28 years until his retirement in 1998.

David J. Lee, 69, Menomonie, passed away Thursday December 29th, 2016.  He worked in Custodial Services for 37 years until his retirement in 2006.

Rose Marie Studebaker, 83, Menomonie, passed away Friday, January 20th, 2017. She worked at a librarian at UW-Stout for 26 years until her retirement in 1996.
Elaine C. Olson, 92, Eau Claire, passed way Monday, December 16th, 2016. She worked in food service for UW-Stout for numerous years until her retirement in 1987.

Charles Metelka, 74, of Menomonie, passed away Friday, January 27,2017.  He was a hospitality professor at UW-Stout for 38 years, retiring in 2013. 

Harold Halfin `54, 93, of Menomonie, passed away March 17, 2017. Harold was a chair of the metals department; director of the vocational, technical and adult education Master of Science program and also the Education Specialist program; and co-chair of the Center for Vocational, Technical and Adult Education until his retirement in 1986.

Mike Levy, 66, of Menomonie, passed away on Tuesday, April 4th, 2017.  At UW-Stout he taught English beginning in 1980 and served as chair of the English and philosophy department for seven years.

Noah Norton `00, passed away on Friday April 7th, 2017.  He was an associate professor and program director of the industrial design program.  He joined the UW-Stout faculty in 2003.

Raymond Giere, 87, of Wheeler, passed away Thursday, March 30, 2017.  He was a custodian who retired in 1986.

Cheryl Dado, 72, Balsam Lake, passed away Friday, May 12.  She was a program assistant in the biology department until her retirement in 2000.

Dan Riordan, 73, Menomonie, passed away Saturday, April 29. He was a professor and chair of the English and philosophy department until his retirement in 2010.

Denise Brouillard
, 51, of Hudson, passed away Friday, July 21. She was a professor in the school counseling, school psychology and special education department and former director of the school counseling program. She joined the UW-Stout faculty in 2000.

Jack Ganzemiller, 87, Alma, passed away Sunday July 9. He was a program director of the business administration major until his retirement in 1989.

Clarence Eichmann, 85, of Menomonie, passed away Tuesday Aug. 22. Eichmann worked at UW-Stout as a groundskeeper for 22 years after moving to Menomonie in 1968.

Marcia Oas, 72, of Menomonie, passed away Aug. 16, 2017. Marcia began working at UW-Stout in the Continuing Education office in 1987 and remained there until her retirement in 2007.

Michael D. Mann, 44, of Durand, passed away Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017. Michael was a power plant operator in the heating plant since December 2015.

Gary Larson, 70, of Menomonie, passed away Oct. 25th, 2017. Gary began working at UW-Stout in the Physical Plant in 1989 and remained there until his retirement in 2007.

Jean Borgaro, 76, of Menomonie, passed away Nov, 3, 2017. Jean worked in Student Support Services from 1996 until her retirement in 2005.

Diane Petersdorf, 69, of Rochester Minn., passed away Oct. 25, 2017. Diane taught economics and statistics at UW-Stout until her retirement in 2009.

Ruth Thomas, 89, of Menomonie, passed away Nov. 7, 2017. Ruth earned degrees from UW-Stout in 1951 and 1973 and began teaching home economics in 1973. She later worked in Career Planning and Placement until her retirement in 1991.  

Genevieve R. Lambert, 103, formerly of Menomonie died Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017. She worked as a cook at the UW-Stout student union, retiring in 1977.

Terry Ingram, 80, of Menomonie, passed away Nov. 22, 2017. He taught in media technology and photography from 1970 until his retirement in 2001. He was a professor emeritus in the College of Technology, Engineering and Management.



Robert Dodge:  Procurement & Materials Management 
Hannah Flom:  University Communications 
Karen Kassera:  Physical Plant 
Lisa Linares:  Department of Social Sciences 
Michael Lorenzen:  Department of Engineering and Technology 
Keith McCarten:  Parking Services 
Robert Peters:  College of Education, Hospitality, Health, Human Sciences 
Amy Schlieve:  Department of School Counseling, School Psychology and Special Education 
Peter Schlosser:  Department of Apparel & Communication Technology 
Linards Stradins:  Department of Engineering and Technology 
Peter Thielman:  Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science 
Linda Vanderloop:  Child & Family Study Center 
Douglas Wahl:  Enterprise Information Systems 
Lisa Walter:  Security & Police Services 
Mingshen Wu:  Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science
Charles Baird- Department of Business
Nancy Berger- Financial Aid Office
Lori Brostrom- Mail Services Administration
Scott Griesbach- Student Life Services
Melinda Hagenson- Department of English & Philosophy
Shirley Klebesadel- Physical Plant Administration
Colleen Rogers- College of Arts, Communication, Humanities and Social Sciences
Richard Rothaupt- College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Management
Sally Scheidegger- Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute
Mitchell Sherman- Department of Psychology
Steven Schlough- Department of Communication Technologies
James Stewart- Physical Plant Administration
Ann Thies- University Dining Services
Jolene Anderson:  College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Management
David Fly:  Engineering & Technology Department
Judy Gifford:  Child and Family Study Center
Pam Moen:  Career Services
Elvin Newhouse:  Custodial Services
Brad Nasset:  Discovery Center
Diana Nutter:  Custodial Services
Julie Bower:  Communication Technologies Department
Sue Tkachuk:  School of Education
Ann Zielieke:  UW-Stout Online