A message to transitioning foster youth
from someone who has been there:

Greta Anderson MunnsAfter leaving foster care, you may have questions about what your future will look like. I know I did. My transcripts leaving high school didn't look at all like those of my peers, who I considered "normal." I was embarrassed of my past and wondered if a college would want me.

UW-Stout wants you.

At UW-Stout, they were understanding that my past life circumstances had made it difficult for me to meet my full potential, but they still saw potential in me. Programs on campus like free tutoring for math; a subject I really struggled with, and a laptop being included in the tuition made me feel supported and included. 

I want to reassure you that your future can be much different than the struggles you have experienced so far, and UW-Stout is a perfect place to help you grow and discover life beyond foster care.  As someone who has been through the foster care system, and someone who graduated from UW-Stout, I want to encourage you to take the steps you need to make your future worth all the trials you've had so far.

The resources on this page connect you with scholarships and the foster care alumni community that myself and other foster youth have found helpful, and we would like to pass them on to you. 

Please consider UW-Stout,  I did and loved it. 

Greta (Anderson) Munns, 2011
B.S. in Art Education 

Your UW-Stout Contacts:

Mary McManus
Assistant Director, Memorial Student Center
Email: mcmanusm@uwstout.edu
Phone: 715-232-2503

Toni Simons
Admissions Administrative Professional
Email: simonsa@uwstout.edu
Phone: 715-232-4070

Greta Munns
Fostering Success Liaison

Email: munnsg@uwstout.edu

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