The Planning and Review Committee is one of the standing committees reporting to the Faculty Senate.  UW System also requires an annual report of the results of the internal review process conducted by the PRC.

All degree programs offered by UW-Stout are reviewed by the Planning and Review Committee (PRC) on a four‑year cycle.  New programs will be reviewed four years after the program is initiated and also as a one-time report completed externally (UW System Joint Review).  Then after on a four-year rotation. 

The PRC program review process/timeline is accomplished in three major steps.  

1.  SURVEYS (spring semester prior to the review).  The PRC support person (from the Provost's Office) conducts surveys for all programs scheduled to be reviewed in the spring prior to the fall review. The surveys will be sent to students in the program, core faculty inside and core faculty outside of the department as well as the program's advisory committee.  These surveys will only be shared with committee members, program director, department chair, associate dean and dean.  These surveys will not be available on the website due to their confidential matter.  However, other important information regarding each program will be posted on the PRC website during the summer prior to the fall's review.  Each program specific data will be listed by clicking on the program.  All of the information will be useful for the program director creating the self-study.

2.  REVIEW (fall semester of the review).  At the first PRC meeting in the fall semester, committee members will volunteer to be consultants to the programs under review.  The consultants will be available to give direction and guidance to the program directors through the review process.  The program directors will choose a presentation date which is available from the meeting schedule.  The program director will complete a self-study (template for Program Director Self Study) and submit to the PRC electronically approximately two weeks prior to the presentation date.  All programs scheduled for review will be presented to the PRC by the program director, department chair, associate dean and dean of the college represented.  

3.  ACTION (spring semester of the review).  The consultants who worked with the program director will be responsible for creating a consultant report (template for Consultant Report).  The consultant report for each program will be presented to the PRC.  Once the PRC has approved the report, it is forwarded to the appropriate deans for their response to the concerns or areas of improvement.  The dean will be responsible for submitting the dean's response (Template for Dean's Response).  The PRC then discusses and votes to accept the dean's response and then submits all three pieces of information (self-study, consultant report and dean's response) to the Faculty Senate.  The Faculty Senate votes to approve and if doing so, sends to the Chancellor for information.  The PRC also submits an annual report to UW System at the end of each calendar year.  There may instances where programs will be required to submit a periodic report prior to the next PRC cycle which is called a status report.  The PRC will communicate justification and requirements for each individual requirement to be included in the status report (template for Program Director Status Report).