Bylaws of the Planning and Review Committee


  1. Membership

    • a. The committee shall consist of twenty (20) regular members and four (4) alternate members as follows:
      • (1) Twelve faculty or academic staff members, four from each of the three colleges, elected by the faculty and academic staff of their respective colleges.

      • (2) One member from the graduate faculty, elected by the faculty and academic staff.

      • (3) One member nominated by a distance education program director, elected by the faculty and academic staff.

      • (4) Three faculty or academic staff at large, elected by the faculty and academic staff.

      • (5) Two student members chosen by the University Student Senate for one, two, or three-year terms.

      • (6) One ex-officio member from the Office of the Provost who will act as a resource person.

      • (7) Four alternate members.  There will be one alternate faculty or academic staff elected to represent each of the colleges and one at large faculty or academic staff alternate.  These individuals would serve only when regular members are unable to attend a scheduled meeting or if the standing position remains unfilled through elections.

    • b. All members (except students) shall serve three-year staggered terms of office.

  2. Quorum

a. A quorum shall consist of 50% of its seated voting members.

3. Meetings

  1. a. Meetings will be scheduled at least once per month during the academic year, and will be in a manner that allows members to attend regularly.

  2. b. The first regularly scheduled meeting of the academic year will be the organizational meeting for the Planning and Review Committee.

  3. c. The Provost’s Office shall be responsible for informing the program directors of programs being reviewed in any academic year and scheduling a meeting with them, the deans, department chairs and the chair of the PRC prior to the review.

4. Officers

    • a. Each year at its organizational meeting the committee shall elect a chair and a vice chair from the seated members on the committee. This organizational meeting will be chaired by the Chair of the Faculty Senate until the newly elected officers are installed.

    • b. The terms of office shall be one year in length with the possibility of re-election.

    • c. The general duties of the officers are outlined in Robert's Rules of Order.

    • d. In addition, the chair shall develop a schedule of activities for the year subject to approval by a majority vote of the members present.

Conduct of the Meetings

  1. Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order.

  2. Decisions and recommendations shall be made by a majority vote of the quorum.

Responsibilities of the Committee

  1. The committee shall review the information regarding the UW-Stout academic plan provided by the Provost’s Office during each academic year.

  2. The committee shall review Notices of Intent and shall recommend Faculty Senate approval or rejection of such plans.

  3. The committee shall review the procedure and policies in the program audit and review process.

  4. The committee shall receive and react to communications from the Faculty Senate or the Senate Executive Committee.

  5. The committee shall review and consider the collected program audit information which shall be provided by the Office of Budget Planning and Analysis. The committee shall review all undergraduate and graduate degree programs on a seven-year schedule. The committee shall forward its findings, stipulations, suggestions, and observations to the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate.


  1. Recommendations for changes in the bylaws shall be distributed to the committee members at least two weeks prior to consideration by the committee.

  2. Recommendations to the Faculty Senate for changes in the bylaws shall be approved by a vote of at least 50% of the seated voting members.

Revised: 3/8/2016