Consultant Instructions and Guidelines

The Planning and Review Committee is a "paperless" Faculty Senate Standing Committee.  All related information is available on these pages. 


Committee representatives will be assigned as a consultant to a program (co-consultant and possibly more than one program for the year).


Consultants are responsible for meeting with the program director and possibly others to become acquainted with the programs and to guide development of the self-study and presentation.


As soon as you have been assigned to a program(s), please contact the program director(s) to set up an informational meeting.  During the first meeting, items to go over with the program director are:
  • Walk them through the PRC website - including all of the hyperlinks where forms are and detailed program information.
  • Describe the importance of the program surveys through Qualtrics which are conducted by the recording secretary in the spring prior to the fall's program review presentation.  These surveys are not made public, but shared only with the program director, department chair, associate dean, dean and current members of the PRC.
  • The program director self-study (template for Program Director Self-Study) is due to the consultant approximately three-four weeks prior to the presentation. 
  • The program director should share the self-study with their dean, associate dean and department chair prior to submitting to the recording secretary which is due approximately two weeks prior to the presentation.
  • If the presentation date and time is not secured at this first meeting, encourage the program director to do so immediately.  All presentations must be conducted in the fall semester in order to allow time for the consultant report and dean's response to be approved/accepted at the PRC meeting as well as Faculty Senate.
A block of time will be reserved for each program director to discuss the report (program director presentation) and describe their program to the PRC.  The time will be 10 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for the committee to ask questions. The recording secretary will also invite the department chair, associate dean and dean of the college where the program is housed.  Continue to meet with the program director in assisting them with the self-study.  Previous consultant reports and dean responses are currently available on the PRC website. 


The consultants will draft a report on the program using the "Template for Consultant Report".  It’s very helpful to have the consultant report complete prior to the program director’s self-study being complete.  The program director benefits from knowing areas of concern and can address those concerns during the presentation.


The program director's self-study is due approximately two weeks prior to the scheduled presentation.  All materials are submitted electronically to the recording secretary and will be available for perusal on the PRC website.


After the presentation, the PRC will be discussing and recommending edits to the consultant report.  After the PRC approves the final consultant report, the recording secretary will then send it electronically to the college dean for the dean's response to the recommendations listed in the consultant report.


The dean will then prepare the dean's response (Template for Dean's Response) to the consultant's report and will submit to the PRC recording secretary.


The PRC reviews the dean's response, votes to accept the responses.  When the full process is complete, the recording secretary forwards all three documents (self-study, consultant report and dean's response) to the Faculty Senate for approval.


After all of the scheduled programs are completed through the review process, each consultant submits information to be included in the PRC Annual Report which is also submitted to the Faculty Senate.