Process for Proposing a Specialization

Approved AAAT 1/20/81
Approved by Chancellor
and Vice Chancellor 3/18/81

Process for Proposing a Specialization

Format Z

Once a faculty group has identified an area of interest for a specialization, the first step is to draft an initial proposal (Format Z) for submission to AAAT.

AAAT will review the proposed specialization and determine which will be developed. The dean who will work with the faculty group in the development of the specialization will be identified. Day-to-day administration of the specialization, when it is operational, will be conducted through this dean's office.

Format Y

Once the decision to proceed with developing a specialization has been made, the faculty group will designate learning activities (these may be selected from existing activities, or specifically designed for the specialization) and designate achievement indicators for completion of these activities. Learning activities for specializations can include, but are not limited to, university classes. Non-credit experiences, internships, apprenticeships, mentor-fellow interactions, and individually designed learning experiences culminating in successful completion of proficiency evaluations or of external certifications of licensing examinations may also be included. Format Y, which incorporates the information previously presented in Format Z, will be completed and submitted to the Curriculum and Instruction Committee. When the specialization has been approved by the CIC, the inventory of requirements for the curriculum record and a fiscal note will be added to the proposal, and it will be submitted to the AAAT for consideration. Following the action of AAAT, the chancellor and provost will take action upon the specialization, and it will be referred to appropriate off-campus bodies (WCWC Consortium and System Administration) for their action.