Format Z and Y

Initial Proposal to Establish a Specialization

Format Z and Y
Approved AAAT 1/20/81
Approved by Chancellor
and Vice Chancellor

Format Z

  1. Specialization Identification
    1. Title: Specialization in:
    2. Faculty of the specialization: (Provide signatures of faculty members who have agreed to advise students and be involved in the implementation of the specialization.)
  2. Specialization Description

    Intended Outcomes: (Describe intended outcomes of this specialization. Primary consideration in review of this proposal will be given to clarity in defining intended outcomes. This description of intended outcomes is central to the proposal. Statement of rationale for the specialization, later in the proposal, will refer to these outcomes to show that the specialization is within Stout's mission, that it is not duplicative of efforts elsewhere, that it is suitable for the student audience intended, and that it has relevance to societal problems. Use additional pages, as necessary.)

  3. Rationale

    State briefly and clearly why it is desirable for Stout to offer this specialization. Based on "intended outcomes" (above), show that the specialization:

    1. is suitable for non-traditional student population
    2. is relevant to societal problems
    3. cannot be offered within existing degree programs at Stout
    4. does not duplicate offerings elsewhere in the UW System or in the Wisconsin WTC System
  4. Context

    Relation to Mission Statement and Academic Plan: Describe how the specialization fits within the UW-Stout Special Mission. (Base your discussion on the intended outcomes.)

  5. Special Comments

    Action on Format Z

    Approval for further development of specializations granted, and responsibility for coordinating development of this specialization assigned to:

Dean: __________________________________________________________ 

Date: __________________________________________

Provost: _______________________________________________________  

Date: ___________________________________________

Design of a Proposed Specialization

Format Y

(This format incorporates Format Z submitted earlier for the same specialization.)

  1. Specialization Identification
    1. Title: (from Format Z)
    2. Faculty for the specialization (from Format Z, unless changes have occurred in progress. Attach resumes of faculty.)
    3. College or Functional Equivalent: (as designated in approval of Format Z)
    4. Institution: UW-Stout
    5. Timetable for Initiation:
  2. Specialization Description

    This section consists of three parts: 1) Intended outcomes of the program (taken from Format Z); 2) learning activities* required for the program; and 3) description of evaluation process or achievement indicators for each. Each learning activity and achievement indicator should correspond to one or more of the outcomes.

  3. Rationale

    (This section was completed in Format Z, and should be included here as submitted previously.) In addition, indicate how the learning experiences listed above are particularly suited to the intended mature student clientele.

  4. Context
    1. History of Potential Student Demand: Mention any previous program or curriculum, or institutional interest, from which the specialization is derived. Indicate if any existing graduate or undergraduate programs will utilize the specialization as a concentration, or will encourage students to complete the specialization in addition to the degree program, as a secondary field of interest.
    2. Transdisciplinary Nature of the Specialization: Describe any transdisciplinary, inter-school, or inter-departmental aspects of the specialization.

      * Learning activities for specializations include, but are not limited to, university classes. Non-credit experiences, internships and apprenticeships, mentor-fellow interactions, and individually designed learning experiences culminating in successful completion of proficiency evaluations or external certification are also appropriate.

    3. Relation to Mission Statement and Academic Plan: This section was completed in Format Z. Describe how the specialization fits within the UW-Stout mission (base your description on the intended outcomes).
    4. Comparable Programs Elsewhere in Wisconsin: List comparable curricula elsewhere in Wisconsin. Comment on major distinctions between this specialization and those programs.
    5. Comparable Programs Outside Wisconsin: List any comparable curricula outside Wisconsin. To what extent are these programs available to Wisconsin residents?
    6. Describe any special admission requirements for students:
  5. Special Comments


Curriculum & Instruction Committee Chair: ________________________________________ 

Date: ________________________________________

AAAT Chair: ___________________________________

Date: ________________________________________

Approval by the Provost:

_____ Recommendation of CIC and AAAT approved.

_____ Recommendations taken under advisement pending further study (comments below).

Date: _______________________________________

Provost: _____________________________________

Approval by the chancellor:

_____ The above recommendations of the provost are approved.

_____ Recommendations not approved for the following reasons (indicate reasons).

Date: _______________________________________

Chancellor: __________________________________

When complete, please return to the associate vice chancellor, Provost's Office, for distribution and filing.