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Racial and Ethnic Studies Requirement

Beginning Fall 2013, the Racial and Ethnic Studies requirement will be six credits, with a minimum of three credits from the Category RES-A course list.

2013 GE, Racial and Ethnic Studies, and Global Perspective courses [PDF] 

Racial and Ethnic Studies Course Requirement (for course developers) [PDF]
Curriculum Incubation Center (must first be logged on to the Intranet) - Curriculum Incubation Grant proposals to revise or develop courses to meet the new General Education and Racial/Ethnic Studies criteria will be accepted on a rolling basis starting November 3, 2011.
  • MUSIC-231: Example of a well-documented RES-A course

  • LIT-208: Example of a well-documented RES-B course

Racial and Ethnic Studies requirement - for students enrolled prior to Fall 2013

Each student must satisfy the racial and ethnic studies requirement as preparation for being an engaged citizen in a highly diverse society. Through approved courses, it is hoped that graduates will come to appreciate, understand, value and respond respectfully to cultural diversity. Through the study of U.S. cultures other than those from a European origin, we hope to discourage racism and thus reduce its effects.  Courses examine the experiences of historically underrepresented U.S. racial/ethnic groups: African American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian American (with an emphasis on Southeast Asian American), and American Indian. An important emphasis is critical reflection and application of acquired learning to professional and personal contexts.  Students are required to take either:Two RES-A courses OR
      1. One RES-A course and one RES-B course OR
      2. One RES-A course and two RES-C courses OR
      3. One RES-B course and two RES-C courses OR
      4. Three RES-B courses OR
      5. Two RES-B courses and one RES-C course

General Education, Racial and Ethnic Studies, and Global Perspective Courses Prior to 2013 [PDF] 

Racial and Ethnic Studies and Global Perspective Curriculum Advisory Committee