Curriculum Record

Official Curriculum Records of the University

Official curriculum records are imaged by the Provost's Office. This documentation is considered official.

Following approval, curriculum databases are updated and documentation is imaged. No changes are made to these records unless the item is first approved at all required levels.

The databases and imaged records are the basis for verifying official status of curriculum both within the university and with agencies outside of the university, such as UW System Administration or accrediting agencies.

Other Records of Curriculum

Records of all curriculum offerings are also to be maintained within the offices officially designated to house the offerings. Departments are charged with maintaining complete course outlines and syllabi for approved courses in the department. An outline, once approved, is not to be changed unless routed through the required approval process for a course revision.

Approved degree program records are to be maintained in the office of the dean and/or program director responsible for the program. The same offices are also responsible for producing the program plan sheets used by students in the programs. No revisions may be made to a program unless the revision is approved at all required levels. Program plan sheets are submitted to the Provost's Office for web publication.

Minors and other sequences not part of a degree program are housed in colleges and may be housed, as determined by the college, in a department for administration. 

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