Revision of a Course

An asterisk (*) in any of the boxes below indicates that an approval is required.  Materials are submitted electronically; a signed original document is routed from the deans' offices to the Provost's Office for permanent retention.

Initiator Develops initial proposal 
Department Chair or Associate Vice Chancellor Assigns a department member to develop a course or revision. Assist and advise as needed. May consult Associate Vice Chancellor. 
Department Signature of chair indicates approval  
College Council*  Signature of the dean indicates approval 
Racial and Ethnic Studies/Global Perspective Curricular Advisory Committee  If a new or existing course is submitted for Racial and Ethnic Studies or Global Perspective, it must be reviewed for a recommendation by this committee prior to action by the CIC.  
General Education Committee  If a new or existing General Education course is submitted, approval or reaffirmation must be granted by the GEC prior to action of the CIC.  
Graduate Education Committee   If a new or existing graduate-level course is submitted, approval must be granted by the GrEC prior to action of the CIC. Submit course materials to the Graduate School. 
Curriculum & Instruction Committee Takes action as per bylaws. Action recorded in minutes of meeting.  
Provost*  Reviews all prior actions. Makes recommendations to Chancellor 
Chancellor*  Reviews all prior actions and recommendations. Takes final action.  
Associate Vice Chancellor Distributes summary of final actions to appropriate personnel and files.