Assessment in the Major

Annual updates summarize the primary methods used to assess student learning and progress throughout programs. Methods used to assess student learning outcomes should correlate with program objectives and may include standardized tests, portfolios, course-embedded assessments or other direct measures of student learning and performance. Each method should be summarized separately. Results should be from the previous fall and spring semesters and should include specific information on how well students performed on each of the assessments. Plans for improvement may include proposed modifications in course content, course sequencing, changes in teaching methods or other proposed changes designed to improve student performance.

2006 Reports [PDF format]
2006 UW-Stout Undergraduate Program Assessments
2006 UW-Stout Graduate Program Assessments
2006 Program Assessment Feedback

2007 Reports [PDF format]
2007 UW-Stout Undergraduate Program Assessments
2007 UW-Stout Graduate Program Assessments

2008 Reports [PDF format]
2008 UW-Stout Undergraduate Program Assessments
2008 UW-Stout Graduate Program Assessments
2008 Program Assessment Feedback

2009 Reports [PDF format]
2009 UW-Stout Undergraduate Program Assessments
2009 UW-Stout Graduate Program Assessments
2009 Program Assessment Feedback

2010 Reports [PDF format]
2010 UW-Stout Assessment in the Major Undergraduate Reports
2010 UW-Stout Assessment in the Major Graduate Reports
Feedback was reported directly to program directors and deans

The following Assessment in the Major format outlines required information for your annual assessment report.

FORMATAssessment in the Major Annual Report Format [pdf]