About the College

The College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics offers undergraduate and graduate degrees that prepare graduates for professional careers. Through innovative classroom and laboratory instruction, and close collaboration with business and industry in developing co-op/internship and industry projects in the classroom we are able to provide real world experiences for an outstanding educational experience.

The College offers fourteen undergraduate programs or majors (concentrations are listed in parentheses).

  • B.S. in Apparel Design and Development (Apparel Design, Apparel Development, Apparel Product Management)
  • B.S. in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (Actuarial Science, Business Management, Information Assurance and Cyber Security, Interdisciplinary, Mathematics Education, Software Development)
  • B.S. in Applied Science (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Interdisciplinary Science, Materials and Nanoscience)
  • B.S. in Computer Engineering
  • B.S. in Construction
  • B.S. in Cross Media Graphics Management
  • B.S. in Digital Marketing Technology
  • B.S. in Engineering Technology (Electrical, Facilities, Mechanical Design, Plastics, Production Operations)
  • B.S. in Environmental Science (Aquatic Biology, Environmental Health, Land Resources, Plant Science Innovations)
  • B.S. in Game Design and Development (Art, Computer Science)
  • B.S. in Information and Communication Technologies
  • B.S. in Information Technology Management
  • B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering
  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
  • B.S. in Packaging
  • B.S. in Plastics Engineering

There are also seven areas of pre-professional study:

  • Pre-Chiropractic
  • Pre-Dental
  • Pre-Medical
  • Pre-Optometry
  • Pre-Pharmacy
  • Pre-Physical Therapy
  • Pre-Veterinary

In addition, the college offers five graduate degrees:

  • P.S.M. in Conservation Biology
  • M.S. in Construction Management
  • P.S.M. in Industrial & Applied Mathematics
  • M.S. in Information and Communication Technologies
  • M.S. in Manufacturing Engineering

The College houses seven academic departments:

  • Apparel and Communication Technologies
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Construction
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
  • Physics

Fourteen minors are provided by the College:

  • Applied Photography
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Construction Safety Risk Control
  • Environmental Studies
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Materials
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Teaching
  • Mechanical and Electrical Construction
  • Physics
  • Sustainable Design and Development

A specialization in Digital Photography and preparation for four Cisco professional development certificates are also available.

The UW-Stout Discovery Center, encompassing Applied Research and Stout Technology Transfer Institute (STTI), is closely affiliated with the STEM College. STTI currently contains thirteen business outreach centers with primary focus upon providing technical assistance to business, industry, government and entrepreneurs:

  • Apparel Design & Development
  • Center for Innovation & Development
  • Center for Performance Improvement
  • Construction Assistance Outreach Center
  • EDA University Center
  • Food Packaging Technology Center
  • Graphics Communications
  • Northwest Wisconsin Manufacturing Outreach Center
  • Packaging Research & Development
  • People Process Culture
  • Risk Control Center
  • Stout Advanced Management Assistance
  • Technology & Business Incubator

The College also has many different tutor centers within departments and the nationally recognized Math Teaching & Learning Center which teaches students basic math skills in a people-oriented, technology-enhanced environment. It is housed in the Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science Department, which recently received the 16th annual UW Board of Regents Teaching Excellence Award for Academic Departments and Programs.