The Cedar Café

The Cedar Café (Corner III) is the University of Wisconsin-Stout’s live-action food production facility. It is here that students from the School of Hospitality Leadership and the Dietetics program collaborate to plan, develop, execute, and review practical foodservice skills and leadership techniques. For four weeks of the semester the students provide meal service to 40 exclusive guests.

The core principals learned in The Cedar Café (Corner III) foodservice laboratory are: 

  • Skill: Working in the kitchen, students achieve an understanding of the practice of culinary arts in a quantity food production setting. 
  • Servant Leadership: Through a team-based, case study approach students develop emotional intelligence to become successful managers in their respective industry.
  • Culture: Designing meals of cuisines that span the globe, students are able to attain new knowledge of current and historical food culture.
The Cedar Cafe (Corner III)

The Cedar Café (Corner III)

Hours of Operation

The Cedar Café (Corner III) is open for service from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 

Dates of Service 

For specific dates of service please view the menu board outside of 304 Heritage Hall, or e-mail the course instructor at: 


Tickets are $8.50, inclusive of tax, for a three course meal. You can purchase a ticket by contacting the course instructor at: