Adekola_AbelThe College of Management at the University of Wisconsin-Stout has as its mission, to promote excellence in teaching, research, scholarship, and service through an approach to learning that combines theory, practice and experimentation to discover, disseminate and extend knowledge.

The College has exceptional faculty, staff and excellent programs. Its business, management and leadership related programs offer students an opportunity to prepare for exciting, challenging and lucrative careers.

In sync with the polytechnic designation, our classes are delivered using hands-on instructional methodology and our business laboratories provide opportunities for students to experiment with the latest technology and practices. Co-op programs provide students the opportunity to translate what is learned in the classroom and labs to real world applications.

The faculty and staff at the College of Management are a unique and diverse group of professionals who care about students. They bring the latest in applied management knowledge and techniques into the classroom. Our courses have strong analytical content that focus on managing human relations, preparing our graduates for multiple roles in the fast-paced and ultra-competitive, technologically-driven global business environment.

Moving forward, we encourage our alumni and supporters to become stakeholders and play active roles in our success. Through advisory councils, speaker's forums, financial assistance, and other supporting activities, we hope College of Management's alumni will reflect the dedication and generosity needed for our college to be the very best.

Joining UW-Stout's College of Management means joining a network of caring and accomplished professionals. I invite you to browse our website and to contact us as prospective students, faculty, and supporters, or if you want additional information about any of our outstanding programs.

As the Dean of the College of Management at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the college where we mean business!

Dr. Abel Femi Adekola
Dean and Dahlgren Professor