Stout’s Leaders

portraits of leadersJames Huff Stout
Founder, 1891–1910

Lorenzo Dow Harvey
President, 1903–1922

Burton E. Nelson
President, 1923–1945

Verne C. Fryklund
President, 1945–1961

WIlliam J. Micheels
President/Chancellor, 1961–1972

Robert S. Swanson
Chancellor, 1972–1988

Charles W. Sorensen
Chancellor, 1988–2014


The title President was changed to Chancellor when the Wisconsin State Universities and the University of Wisconsin campuses merged to form the University of Wisconsin System in 1971.

Information for leaders prior to Charles W. Sorensen are from the book "Interpreting the Dream: A Stout History," published for the university's centennial celebrated in 1991.

James Huff Stout