After nearly 100 years of service, Harvey Hall is getting a much-needed makeover.

Phase I of the makeover was completed last year--when the theater was fully renovated.

Phase II, which is still in the planning stages, will upgrade infrastructure and remodel space to provide improved functionality and safety. The Phase II renovation includes:

  • Replacement and upgrade of all mechanical, electrical, telecommunications, and safety systems
  • Enhancement of ADA accessibility
  • Installation of new HVAC systems (excluding components installed in 1992)
  • Installation of a secondary electrical system
  • Upgrade of the existing elevator and installation of an additional elevator
  • Upgrade of restrooms
  • Repair of building exterior, including roofing replacement and masonry tuckpointing
  • Reconfiguration of classrooms and improvement of technology to meet current standards, provide better aspect ratios, increase course section enrollments, better accommodate laptops, improve room lighting, and enhance comfort
  • Reconfiguration and reassignment of office space to meet current and proposed academic programmatic alignment and needs

The estimated cost for Phase II is $28M.

Because properly relocating classrooms and offices during construction is a campus priority, Physical Plant personnel are analyzing needs and developing solutions in conjunction with the registrar, deans, and many others. Due to the complexity of both the relocation and classroom scheduling, students, faculty, and staff are asked to remain patient and flexible. The end results will be worth it.