UW-Stout Efficiency Study

UW-Stout was selected by UW System to participate in a pilot program to review administrative practices and procedures throughout the university. To help guide our process of self-evaluation, we commissioned Huron Consulting Group, a respected education-management consulting firm.

Our goal is to identify opportunities to reduce costs, improve services and process efficiencies, and promote better usage of performance metrics to drive decision-making. 
Huron staff were on campus in February, March, and April, Their charge was to interview faculty and staff across the university and develop recommendations. A university steering committee assisted Huron in the first stage of the process and will oversee subsequent stages .

Though the consultants facilitated data gathering and analysis, UW-Stout personnel control the entire process and how we use the data gathered. Huron made recommendations, but we will choose how to move forward now that the study is complete.

Steering Committee


  • Phil Lyons, Vice Chancellor, Administrative and Student Life Services--Chair/Sponsor
  • Sherri Shope, Assistant to the Vice Chancellor--Recorder/Project Coordinator
  • Bob Butterfield, Instructional Resource Services Director
  • Gene Gutman, COM
  • Meridith Drzakowski, Assistant Chancellor, PARQ
  • Kristi Krimpelbein, Special Assistant to the Chancellor
  • Kim Schulte-Shoberg, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Business and Financial Services
  • Forest Schultz, STEM
  • Tiffani Taggart, Extention
  • Doug Wahl, Chief Information Officer
  • Jackie Weissenburger, Academic and Student Affairs
  • Shawn Wilson, University Housing
  • Juliana Lucchesi, SSA


Identify and prioritize recommendations from the Efficiency Study to advance and implement..


  1. Review report findings and prioritize recommendations.
  2.  Coordinate and facilitate implementation of selected recommendations
  3. Determine outcome indicators and benchmarks
Committee establishment form



In April, Huron presented Stout's steering committee with recommendations aimed at enhancing efficiency.

Program Details


Huron presentation image
Huron presented initial plans to the UW-Stout steering committee on February 12. View the presentation.
Huron Statement of Work.



  • Scott Friedman, Project Director
  • Greg Bedell, Project Lead
  • Bob Woodruff, On-Site Project Manager
  • Andrew Gaeckle, Project Associate--Primary On-Site
  • Christin Prats, Project Analyst