Who We Are

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The Social Science Research Center has a three-part mission

  1. Engage students with real-world clients and applied research projects.
  2. Sustain and improve the visibility and reputation of UW-Stout social science and historical research in the state and region.
  3. Provide an environment for successful and sustainable interdisciplinary intellectual collaboration both within the Social Science Department at UW-Stout and across campus.

We use methods of inquiry ranging from econometrics, ethnography (including visual), GIS, surveys, focus groups, transcription services, and other qualitative and quantitative approaches. The center’s mission is driven by the Wisconsin Idea, which we hold as paramount to the role of educational institutions in society.

Client-based Projects

The Social Science Research Center has two types of client-based projects. First are those paid contracts that involve professor and student work, independent of courses. Second are those unpaid contracts that involve classes and/or independent studies. Each is meant to provide exceptional research services to internal and external clients while also training undergraduate students in applied research methods. However, the emphasis on undergraduate training is higher for unpaid contracts.

Research Methodologies at a Glance

  • Economic Development and Business Analysis 
    Shuttle program study, Florida Taxwatch study, and LAKES study
  • Ethnography 
    LAKES study
  • Historical Analysis
    Harvey Hall Documentary
  • Visual Research Methodologies 
    Harvey Hall Documentary
  • Geographic Information Systems [GIS] 
    Town of Menomonie Land Use study and LAKES study
  • Survey Design and Analysis 
    LAKES study and Project MTS study
  • Service Research 
    Bullying study
  • Focus Groups 
    Project MTS study and LAKES study
  • Organization Evaluation
    Project MTS study
  • Political Polling/Public Opinion Survey Analysis
    LAKES study
  • Social Network Analysis
    LAKES study
  • Leverage Assessment 
    Evaluation of spending effectiveness
  • Transcription Services