UW-Stout Mission, Vision and Values


University of Wisconsin-Stout is a career-focused, comprehensive polytechnic university where diverse students, faculty and staff integrate applied learning, scientific theory, humanistic understanding, creativity and research to solve real-world problems, grow the economy and serve a global society.

The University offers undergraduate and graduate programs leading to professional careers in industry, commerce, education and human services through the study of applied mathematics and science, art and design, business and management, social and behavioral sciences, education, family and consumer sciences, select engineering programs, applied technologies, select health studies, and technical communication.



University of Wisconsin-Stout will build on its position as a distinguished polytechnic institution and as an international leader in higher education. We prepare lifelong learners, ethical leaders and responsible citizens through collaborative programs that integrate applied learning, theory and research with business, education, industry, arts and government.



"James Huff Stout turned toward the morning of life. The past did not awe him; the future alone lighted his path. He wrought a new venture in schooling that paved the way for vocational education. He did more to bring the joys of reading to the lonely masses of Wisconsin than any man in his generation. He had a nobility of spirit that saw down through the years… He was an inextinguishable light, ever blazing with fresh ideas that were to spread beauty, cheer and enlightenment into the dark corners of his beloved state and the wider world."

Fred Holmes, Badger Saints and Sinners

The University of Wisconsin-Stout values:

  • The advancement of academic excellence;
  • The nobility of spirit, a diversity of people, respect and inclusion for all;
  • The pursuit of innovation, technology and sustainability with a constant eye to the future;
  • The ideals of collaboration, competence and continuous improvement;
  • The commitment to education as a means to illuminate the lives of all.

UW-Stout's Enduring Goals

Goal 1: Offer high quality, challenging academic programs that influence and respond to a changing society.

Goal 2: Preserve and enhance our educational processes through the application of active learning principles.

Goal 3: Promote excellence in teaching, research, scholarship and service.

Goal 4: Recruit and retain a diverse university population.

Goal 5: Foster a collegial, trusting and tolerant campus climate.

Goal 6: Provide an environmentally sustainable campus that includes safe, accessible, effective, efficient and inviting physical facilities.

Goal 7: Provide responsive, efficient, and cost-effective educational support programs and services.

Mission of the UW System

Each institution of the University of Wisconsin System shares in the encompassing System Mission established by the Board of Regents.

In addition, the Regents have given a more specific Core Mission to the group of 11 institutions designated as the University Cluster, and a differentiated Select Mission for each institution.