Chancellor's Diversity Leadership Team

Creating and sustaining a community of diverse individuals at all levels of our organization is a central goal for the UW-Stout community.  We recognize the intrinsic and instrumental value of diversity and seek to increase the proficiency of our community members at navigating an increasingly diverse regional environment, at welcoming diversity into our university, and, as a university community, fully participating in the increasingly diverse global context of the 21st century.

The Chancellor’s Diversity Leadership team is charged with developing the Inclusive Excellence action plan for UW-Stout. While primarily locally focused on the university climate and what can be done to improve and enrich it to achieve Inclusive Excellence goals, the achievements of the committee will have significant implications for our external community as well.

This committee is responsible for developing and implementing and, as needed, updating the University’s Inclusive Excellence Action plan using a participatory process. Specifically, the Team will:

  • Update the UW-Stout Inclusive Excellence plan annually using a participative process
  • Ensure completion of Inclusive Excellence goals and action items
  • Annually provide a 6-month and year-end progress update to the Chancellor
  • Address any gaps identified through the planning process

Diversity Leadership Team Membership

  • Jackie Weissenburger, Co-chair
  • Meredith Drzakowski, Co-chair
  • Wan Bae
  • Deb Gehrke
  • Pam Holsinger-Fuchs
  • Glenda Jones
  • Tina Lee
  • Barbara Miller
  • Esuvat Mollel
  • JoanThomas
  • Lisa Walter