Learning Environments

Creating learning environments that mirror the evolving workplace
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Lab Modernization

Providing applied learning or "hands-on" experiences to ready our students for careers is our mission. The number of laboratories at Stout is nearly three times the number of traditional classrooms, and these critical spaces are increasingly difficult to keep current. 

Prent Packaging Laboratories dedicated, thanks to alumnus

University of Wisconsin-Stout senior packaging major Harrison North said he felt just like “a kid in a candy store” when he saw the new packaging equipment.
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Technology-enabled classrooms

These classrooms are designed to infuse modern learning technologies such as interactive monitors, projectors, smart boards, computers, and video conferencing capabilities to help us better communicate and collaborate with internal and external audiences. These cross-disciplinary learning environments are paramount to the success of Stout's career ready graduates and maximizing our use of existing spaces. 

Laboratory Operational Funding

The current cost of keeping Stout's specialized learning environments within minimum industry standards exceeds $1 million each year and has been eliminated in current state budget cuts. Financial support will allow us to enhance our hands-on learning approach with laboratory technicians to support operations and maintenance, safety and student equipment training. Our financial model includes endowed support for the sustainability of improvements, so that these gifts continue as a source of pride for our benefactors and industry partners.  


Support our learning environments

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