Spring Break Reminders

Two things to prepare for the months ahead.
February 17, 2020

Your student has made it halfway through their spring semester, which means ... Spring Break has arrived! Spring Break is a great time for your student to find a balance of rest and relaxation, along with prepping for the rest of the semester.

Two little things your student can do:

  1. Did your student forget to pack anything after Winter Break, or are there things they may need in the upcoming spring and summer months? Helpful reminders of what to bring back to college may include sunscreen, medications, glasses, first-aid kit, hand sanitizer, an extra phone charger or emergency cash. Or, maybe you're feeling creative and already have some items ready to go in a spring care package?
  2. And, as always, your student's mental health over Spring Break is just as important as it is during the academic year. Talk with your student about the friends they've made, self-care routines they are engaging in, and their growing independence. Your student's mental health may benefit from journaling over break, getting outside and enjoying some sunshine, or trying a new meditation app on their phone.

Engaging with your student will help them flourish into the rest of the semester, prepping them for whatever may come their way!