Search for Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

The University of Wisconsin-Stout invites applications and nominations for the position of Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.
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Vacancy Announcement

Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

The University of Wisconsin-Stout (UW-Stout) invites nominations, expressions of interest, and applications from accomplished and visionary leaders for the position of Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (Provost).

As the University’s senior academic officer, the Provost will have the opportunity to collaborate with engaged faculty, staff, students, and administrators to implement the University’s new ten-year strategic plan; create innovative academic initiatives to address the emerging needs of the region and state; and promote transparency and collaboration across the division and University. In addition, the Provost will partner with a passionate new Chancellor, Dr. Katherine Frank, who has high aspirations for the University and is aligning the organizational structure in a manner that will allow the University to be more nimble, inclusive, forward thinking, and entrepreneurial.

Position Summary

The Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs reports directly to the Chancellor and serves as the University’s senior academic officer. In collaboration with the Academic Deans and other members of the Provost’s leadership team, the Provost will assure the pursuit of academic excellence through oversight of undergraduate and graduate teaching and learning; graduate mentoring; faculty development, promotion, and tenure; and by developing innovative academic initiatives at UW-Stout necessary to help lead Wisconsin’s polytechnic university.

The Provost will partner with the Chancellor, Dr. Katherine Frank, and her leadership team on the implementation of UW-Stout’s 2030 Strategic Plan, with the primary responsibility for providing positive and effective leadership for the University’s academic endeavors and shaping the academic culture. In addition, the Provost will play a significant role in developing and promoting a strategic vision for the Division of Academic Affairs coupled with a collaborative and collegial management style, working closely in partnership with the Faculty Senate, Senate of Academic Staff, University Staff Senate, and Stout Student Association on issues of university governance.

The University is an important partner with the City of Menomonie, WI and the local community; and the Provost is a critical member of the campus team committed to accomplishing the institutional, regional and state-wide vision of the campus and the University of Wisconsin System. To achieve Chancellor Frank’s ambitious vision for UW-Stout’s future, the next Provost and Vice Chancellor will be a creative leader, who helps guide the process of establishing priorities, building consensus and commitment, and making decisions that enhance the mission of UW-Stout. The Provost and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs has oversight of the Division of Academic Affairs with a total budget of nearly $47,000,000 and 508 FTE.  

The Division of Academic Affairs

The Division of Academic Affairs encompasses the following:

  • College of Arts, Communication, Humanities and Social Sciences (CACHSS) – The CACHSS is committed to providing innovative, high-quality instruction that empowers students to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens who value scholarship, diversity, and the pursuit of truth. Coursework introduces students to a broad-based understanding of the human experience, as conveyed through the arts, communication, technology, social sciences, literature, philosophy, history, music and theatre.
  • College of Education, Hospitality, Health and Human Sciences (CEHHHS) – The CEHHHS offers undergraduate and graduate degrees that prepare professionals to become successful and effective leaders in their discipline, improve the human condition, and meet the challenges of a changing world. Classroom-laboratory instruction, student research, service learning, professional organization linkages, and supervised field experiences in the community and schools prepare graduates for a variety of professional settings.
  • College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Management (CSTEMM) – The CSTEMM is committed to unlocking potential and inspiring innovation. Undergraduate and graduate students will reach their full potential through engaged learning and transformative hands-on experiences. Upon graduation students will be ready to provide innovative solutions to the world’s most complex industry and business problems.
  • Graduate School– The Graduate School offers more than 20 distinctive, highly regarded advanced degree programs that are unique, results-oriented, and fit the needs of working professionals.

Other units in Academic Affairs include:

In addition to direct supervision of the College Deans and office administrative staff, the Provost also supervises two Associate Provosts who assist with supervision and oversight of some of the units in Academic Affairs.  


For more information about the provost office, please use the following link:


Opportunities and Challenges

The next Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs will be expected to address the following challenges and opportunities:

  • Understanding UW-Stout – As Wisconsin’s Polytechnic University, UW-Stout offers a unique array of degree and non-degree granting programs and serves traditional, online, transfer, and adult learners. The new Provost must demonstrate a high level of intellectual curiosity and a willingness to invest time in learning about the nuances of each program and the needs of students each attracts and serves. The new Provost must also be adept at establishing and nurturing partnerships with external entities and developing productive relationships with the University of Wisconsin System Administration, University of Wisconsin Extended Campus, and other institutions within the UW System and the Wisconsin Technical College System.
  • Supporting UW-Stout’s New Strategic Plan – The next Provost will play a critical role in guiding the implementation of the University’s newly developed strategic plan, Focus 2030, and inspiring the faculty to embrace a new, compelling vision for the future. In doing so, the Provost will have the unique opportunity to harness and leverage the collective passion, drive, and commitment of faculty and staff at UW-Stout as the University begins its work toward the future.
  • Transitioning to a Post-COVID-19 Educational Landscape – The new Provost will work in collaboration with faculty, staff, students, and the University’s administrative team in developing a thoughtful and comprehensive plan for ensuring a successful transition to a post-COVID-19 learning environment. Specifically, the next Provost will lead the division in addressing the question of what it means to be a polytechnic university within a post-pandemic landscape and what changes must occur in order to best support student success.  Furthermore, the Provost will play a key role in guiding the University’s efforts in determining the appropriate health and safety guidelines, addressing mental health issues, uses of technology, and the processes for supporting faculty, staff, and students in achieving their respective goals.
  • Enhancing the Student Experience and Student Enrollment – The next Provost will play a lead role in the enhancement of the UW-Stout student experience and highlight the value of its academic and student success programs for prospective and continuing students. The Provost will amplify the University’s commitment to providing a high-value educational experience to its students while enhancing existing programs and offerings. The Provost will work in close collaboration with the Student Life and Services unit to guarantee a seamless integration of academic and student support services. The Provost will also work closely with the new Vice Chancellor for Enrollment and Strategic Initiatives and its respective units. The Provost will need to be able to work with and be a champion of proposals to collaborate with the University’s academic enterprise.
  • Community Engagement UW-Stout has earned the respect of community stakeholders within the region through active partnership and engagement. UW-Stout’s next Provost will inherit an organization that is ready to build upon existing strengths and identify new areas for developing university partnerships with business, industry, government, and other external entities. The Provost will develop strategies for connecting the intellectual assets of the University with strategic university partners. This collaboration between faculty and potential employers will lead to the development of new programs that address real-world needs, provide internships and career opportunities for UW-Stout’s students, and contribute to the University’s research and academic environment.
  • Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – The next Provost will serve as an influential leader in supporting and strengthening the University’s commitment to addressing issues pertaining to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Provost must be a passionate advocate and strong champion dedicated to fostering a culture where members of the University community, including faculty, staff, and students are active partners in creating an open, inclusive, and equitable learning environment. In addition, the Provost will participate with other university leaders in supporting the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty, staff, and students.
  • Enhancing Communication Across the University – The Provost must be committed to developing effective pathways for communication within all levels of the University in order to promote transparency, encourage participation of a diverse community, and generate enthusiasm for new initiatives and programs. UW-Stout’s faculty, staff, and students are prepared to join the Provost in efforts to evaluate current academic offerings and opportunities, explore new academic initiatives, strengthen ties with industry, and pursue academic excellence. To do this effectively, the Provost must lead constructive and inclusive dialogue, navigate competing viewpoints and perspectives, and serve as an active listener in this process.
Qualities and Attributes

The Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs must be an experienced and collaborative leader with a proven track record of promoting excellence in academics and developing and implementing university-wide student success initiatives as well as establishing operational best practices. The successful candidate will demonstrate high ethical values, creativity, energy and will be committed to student success and the mission of UW-Stout as Wisconsin’s Polytechnic University. The ideal candidate will:

  • Be a student-centered leader with a passion for and commitment to serving all students, keeping their success at the forefront of all decisions;
  • Possess the skills and mindset to propose, lead, and champion both necessary and innovative ways to plan and ultimately thrive as a polytechnic in a post-COVID context;
  • Exhibit a deep commitment to and a proven record of addressing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion across all units of the University;
  • Effectively and efficiently administer the units organized in the division of Academic Affairs and work productively with the deans of the various colleges and leaders of other academic units to promote a vision of academic excellence;
  • Possess a strong commitment to academic freedom and shared governance and an understanding of their importance to sustaining the quality of the University;
  • Collaborate effectively with other members of the executive leadership team with respect to planning and decision-making that crosses divisions;
  • Have strong organizational skills and the ability to balance day-to-day operational issues and broader institutional goals and objectives, as well as to manage multiple priorities, projects and deadlines, and ensure timely follow-up;
  • Demonstrate an enthusiasm for building programs and institutional capacity coupled with a successful history of serving as a catalyst for new and compelling academic, creative, and research initiatives;
  • Possess a data-driven approach to decision-making that will employ data and performance metrics sourced from key campus stakeholders to strategically guide and support the steps the University must take to achieve its vision and mission and continue achieving student success;
  • Have a proven track record of serving as a strong steward of fiscal resources and allocating existing resources strategically while also identifying opportunities for developing new revenue streams;
  • Have the ability to effectively navigate the University of Wisconsin System, form partnerships with other academic leaders and universities within the state, and confidently advocate on behalf of UW-Stout;
  • Demonstrate the ability to lead difficult conversations with clarity, compassion, and consistency; make difficult decisions in a timely manner; and effectively communicate the rationale supporting the decisions;
  • Possess strong interpersonal and conflict resolution skills; and
  • Serve as an inspiring and trusted leader respected for their ability to energize faculty and staff, make difficult decisions, engage in problem-solving, and develop and implement innovative ideas and solutions.

The successful candidate will be an individual of distinguished academic and administrative accomplishment with the highest integrity. They must possess an outstanding record of scholarship and academic leadership, including:

  • A demonstrated understanding of the UW-Stout’s distinct identity as Wisconsin’s Polytechnic University, including its unique mission, vision, values, and educational tenets;
  • An earned terminal degree with credentials that merit appointment as a tenured full professor in a university academic department;
  • Experience as an innovative, effective, decisive leader and diplomat with strong organizational and consensus-building skills, integrity, and the ability to inspire and lead faculty and staff with varied interests and scholarly approaches;
  • Experience leading a unit or division with multiple academic programs, a demonstrated interest across disciplines and programs, and a commitment to supporting interdisciplinary collaboration;
  • A record of success in creating an environment that promotes exceptional teaching, innovative pedagogy, student research, and post-graduate placement;
  • A record of success in recruiting, developing, and retaining talented and diverse faculty and staff, including inspiring and rewarding excellence in teaching, research/scholarship/creative activities, service, and overall job performance;
  • Experience in developing and implementing strategic plans, leading change management, initiating reforms, measuring progress, and supporting accountability;
  • Demonstrated success developing and managing significant and complex budgets and financial projections;
  • Knowledge of and experience with accreditation processes and agencies;
  • Demonstrated leadership experience with respect to crisis-management and recovery;
  • A history of supporting shared governance, team building and collaboration, transparency in decision-making, and respect for the opinions of others;
  • Experience in developing and advancing initiatives aimed at student success;
  • In-depth knowledge of issues impacting enrollment management and strategies for addressing them;
  • Experience with fundraising, development, and efforts to expand and diversify financial resources;
  • Successful experience in working collaboratively with all members of the academic community, university stakeholders, and other constituents;
  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills, and an open and collaborative style.
Application and Nomination Process 

The Search Committee will begin reviewing applications immediately and will continue to accept applications and nominations until the position is filled. Submission of materials via e-mail is strongly encouraged. Applicants must submit a current curriculum vitae; a letter of interest describing relevant experience; and a 1-2 page equity, diversity, and inclusion statement that specifically reflects on the role of Academic Affairs and the Provost in supporting university improvement and progress in these areas. Nomination letters should include the name, position, and contact information for the nominee. All nominations and applications will be handled in confidence.


Submit Applications to:

SP&A Executive Search logoAlberto Pimentel, Managing Partner
Refer to code “UWStout-Provost” in subject line

SP&A Executive Search
6512 Painter Avenue
Whittier, CA 90601

As an equal employment opportunity and affirmative action employer, UW-Stout is committed to inclusive excellence and is actively seeking applications from individuals from diverse groups; veterans and individuals with disabilities.

An offer of employment is contingent upon the final candidate passing a criminal background check and a reference check process. The reference check process includes asking the final candidate and most recent supervisor questions regarding sexual violence and sexual harassment. Final candidates with previous employment within the UW System and State of WI agencies will be subject to additional reference checks.

A successful candidate must have authorization to work within the United States as required by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

In response to a public records request, the University of Wisconsin System will not reveal the identities of applicants who request confidentiality in their online application, except that the identity of the successful final candidate will be released. See Wis. Stat. sec. 19.36(7).

University Overview

University Overview

The University of Wisconsin-Stout offers a rich, dynamic, and collaborative environment in which to work and grow. UW-Stout is unique within the University of Wisconsin System—it is named after its founder, James Huff Stout, and holds the distinction of being Wisconsin’s Polytechnic University, a designation which highlights the combination of applied learning, real-world experiences, and an integrated liberal arts foundation. 

The University’s approximately 8,000 students, supported by over 1,100 faculty, instructional and non-instructional staff, can select from 47 undergraduate programs, 21 master’s degree programs and two advanced degree programs: Ed.S. in School Psychology, Ed.D. in Career and Technical Education Leadership.

Applied learning incorporates tools to evaluate, create, and shape human comprehension and emphasizes “real world” and “hands on” learning experiences across all learning modalities. At UW-Stout, there are three times more labs than classrooms. A focus on an integrated liberal arts approach develops critical thinking, complex problem solving, communication, and leadership skills while introducing students to a variety of academic disciplines.

Collaboration with industry and business partners is central to UW-Stout’s polytechnic designation and success. At UW-Stout, all programs engage an external advisory committee and 100 percent of graduates participate in experiential learning that includes a range of options, such as capstone courses, co-ops/internships, practicum, service learning, student teaching, field experiences, study abroad, and student research.

UW-Stout faculty enjoy opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration and a modern digital environment. UW-Stout values innovative approaches to solving problems in society and industry, and faculty are encouraged to maintain strong ties and seek collaborative projects within their disciplines and professions. 

In addition to a strong undergraduate focus, UW-Stout has a variety of options to serve non-traditional students. More than 1,600 students are enrolled in online or distance education courses. The university offers courses, certificates, certifications, and professional development education.

UW-Stout has a long and rich history of providing a distinctive array of innovative programs that produce graduates who are sought after in the workforce. The six-month post-graduation employment rate for UW-Stout graduates is 97.8 percent, with 86 percent of graduates working in their field of study. For more information about the UW-Stout community and region visit: