Plan Your Web Site

Get Approval (new sites or additions to existing sites)

Work through your normal reporting channels for approval to produce a website for your class, program, department or unit. Attend CommonSpot basic training if you have not already done so.

Then, notify the proper support staff and identify the site you will work on:

Top-level sites and Institutional Information:
Gary Schuster, University Web Coordinator,

Degree program and curricular information:
Don Steffen, University Editor,

Course work in D2L or content for instruction:
Jamison Olson, Learning Technology Services,

Avoid Duplication

If you have doubts about whether your content may already exist on the website, check with the University Web Coordinator. Do not post duplicate copies of existing documents; link to them at their original web address. This preserves accuracy and helps prevent broken links.

Official institutional publications are already on the web. These include the Undergraduate Bulletin, the Graduate Bulletin, handbooks and so on. You must link to these documents to avoid multiple or conflicting versions of University information.

If your site includes information about programs, minors, specializations or course descriptions, you must call them by their official name and link to existing pages. Contact Don Steffen, University Editor, for assistance or updates on academic program Web sites.

Customize Pages

Web staff will work with you to develop styles or elements to meet your needs. Please email your request to