CommonSpot Servers

CommonSpot servers include:

  • an "authoring" server (for site production)
  • "read-only" servers (the "live" web site)
  • a development server

These servers are administered by Enterprise Information Systems (EIS). Jeff Ohvall is the contact for technical questions about the servers. Jill Olsen is the CommonSpot Administrator.

The primary use of the CommonSpot servers is to provide official information about, and on behalf of, the university to its external and internal audiences. 

To receive access to CommonSpot, you must first receive training. 

Questions regarding CommonSpot or the servers? Send an email to

Other Servers

The department of Learning and Information Technology (LIT) operates email, web and data base application servers for the campus. Questions about these services should be addressed to the ASK5000 Technology Help Desk. A few departments operate their own servers. These servers may be serviced and maintained by the unit or by LIT, as agreed between the two parties. 

Content management is by the department or unit, although official information on these servers must be presented via the university templates provided by the CommonSpot administrator and must follow the university identity standards.

Official information posted on these servers must comply with the university Identity Standards, and website standards.

Contact Information

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Office of Integrated Marketing
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Web Staff