The UW-Stout home page is the online, public face of the university, and is designed to meet the needs of many audiences. We are interested in your ideas for new features, improvements or additions to the website. 

If you have an idea or a request, please submit the form below, and a representative of the Web Management Team or the Website Oversight Committee will respond to you.


Enter your full email address (

State your request and the rationale for the change.

Who is the intended audience for this request (e.g., current or prospective students, alumni, parents, etc)?


The Process

  1. Submit your request via the form at left. This form will go to the members of the Website Management Committee, which includes unit directors and staff responsible for the website, and consists of: the director of Integrated Marketing, the director of Enterprise Information Systems, the system administrator, the CommonSpot administrator, the university editor and the Web coordinator. Updates and small changes will be handled by the above-mentioned staff.

  2. Requests for changes to the website, large projects or the purchase of new software that will impact the website will be directed to the Web Management Committee. The committee will determine the feasibility of the request, identify the resources needed to implement it and either make a decision or forward the request to the Website Oversight Committee for its review and decision. If the decision is made at the Web Management Committee level, the decision will be shared with the requestor immediately.

  3. Requests that require a major investment of resources, a review of institutional priorities for the website, a revision of the Web Information Policy, or a major change to the functionality of the website will be directed to the Website Oversight Committee for its review and decision.

  4. Once the Website Oversight Committee makes a decision, a formal memo will be sent to the requestor from the Committee.
Each request will be addressed as quickly as possible. The Website Oversight Committee meets monthly.