Identify your audience. [UW-Stout's audiences]

Identify the needs of your audience, and follow our content conventions to organize your home page.

Place your "call to action" in a prominent spot on your home page. (If you have no call to action, revisit the purpose of the page).

Do this from the perspective of your audience, rather than from your own organizational structure, reporting needs, or processes.

Consult with the Web coordinator to streamline this process, and to make sure your content is:

  • presented appropriately within the context of the entire university
  • is not present elsewhere on the Web site in a different form.

This process prevents the duplication of official UW-Stout information from different offices or perspectives.

Review and update your site on a schedule

CommonSpot allows you to both schedule and expire content, and to set "freshness reminders" for yourself to review and update your site. You can also use these features for time-bound content, or material that comes and goes on your site.