To receive college credit for military experience and training, request your official military transcript be sent to UW-Stout. After receiving the transcript, our Transfer Coordinator can award credit based on recommendations by the American Council on Education.


Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard

Request a transcript from the Joint Services Transcript website.

Air Force
Request a transcript from the Community College of the Air Force website.

Lost or Missing Military Records
If you have lost military records and would like to replace them, you can do so at the National Archives website.


Put military experience towards your degree

Students that have completed Basic Training or Boot Camp for any branch of the military may receive credit for HWF-340: Community CPR, ED, and First Aid. For major where there aren't specific requirements, HWF-340 fulfills General Education requirements in the Social Responsibility and Ethical Reasoning (SRER) category or may be used towards general education electives.

Credit may also be awarded for military experience or military school training. Depending on the branch of the military, students are requested to supply their military services transcript to the Transfer Coordinator in the Admissions office to have the credit recommended by the American Council on Education be given for training to the student record.


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