Policies & Procedures


Any full or part-time student, faculty/staff, or spouse/domestic partner is eligible to participate in the Intramural Sports Program. The number of faculty or staff allowed on an Intramural team is unlimited. Only two members of the Intramural Sports Staff may participate on the same team.

All students, faculty, and staff are required to present their UW-Stout ID issued by Campus Card to the Intramural Staff prior to the contest starting. Spouses/domestic partners should present their family member card, which can be obtained at the University Recreation Office, located in the Sports & Fitness Center, room 41.   

In the event that you lose your UW-Stout ID, a Forgot ID pass accompanied by a driver’s license is the only other acceptable form of identification.  If a participants forgets to bring a UW-Stout ID to an Intramural Sports activity, a forgot ID pass can be issued. Forgot ID passes are available at the University Recreation Office, room 41, Sports & Fitness Center. You will be allowed two forgot ID passes per semester. A pass is valid for one day only and the second pass will cost $1.  

No exceptions will made to this policy, No ID, No Play!

Alcohol\Tobacco\Drug use is not permitted before or during Intramural play and is not allowed at any Intramural locations. This applies to both players and fans. Any alcohol\tobacco\drugs found in the area will result in the University Police being called. This is a campus policy and any team found to be in violation may forfeit the remainder of the season. Also, any person or team thought to be impaired may cause the contest to be forfeited, and will be asked to vacate the facility. This also applies to fans. Any person not cooperating when asked will cause their team to forfeit the game and face disciplinary action at the discretion of the Intramural Sports Coordinator.

Members of Varsity and Junior Varsity Teams: Members of varsity or junior varsity intercollegiate teams at UW-Stout are ineligible to participate in that same or similar sport during that sport’s season. (Similar sports include baseball to softball, football to flag football, volleyball to volleyball, and ice hockey to floor hockey). In those Intramural sports which precede intercollegiate seasons for the same or similar sport and members of the varsity or junior varsity from the past academic year who have intercollegiate eligibility remaining will be ineligible from Intramural participation in that sport.

Past Varsity Sports Athlete:  (NEW) There is a limit of two past varsity athletes allowed per roster in the same or similar sport as they played.

Practice Players: Any individual classified as a practice player or those working out with varsity teams shall be treated as varsity team members and will NOT be eligible to participate in that same or similar sport. However, any individual who gets cut from the varsity team is eligible to play Intramural Sports. If an individual quits, that individual will be considered as a past varsity sport athlete.

Professionals: Any individual who is or has been classified as a professional athlete shall NOT be eligible to participate in the same or similar Intramural Sports activity.

Members of Sport Clubs Teams: Members of club sports teams are eligible to participate in that same or similar sport providing no more than two club members participate on an Intramural team. A club sports member is any individual listed on the official club sports roster and practices and/or competes with that club sports team. If a member was on the roster in a previous season during that same academic year, then they are considered a member of the club.

Playing on Two Teams: NO player may participate as a member of two teams in the same sports season. (However, a player may compete on one single sex team, and one CoRec team). Participants may play for only one single sex and one CoRec team only. For leagues in which competitive and recreational divisions are offered, a person may not play in both a competitive and recreational league.
 People may also only play in one league if there is an open division for that league.

Any player found playing on two teams may be declared ineligible for any further competition in that sport. If that player is found playing on two teams again in any sport for that block, that player may be suspended from participating in the Intramural Sports Program indefinitely.

False Identification: No person may use the ID card of another person to play.
Any Intramural Sports staff or participant may report the name of any individual suspected of violating the Intramural Sports Eligibility policy.

Ineligibility Ruling: If a team violates any of the above mentioned polices, the games/matches in which that team participated in may be ruled as a forfeit and could face removal from the league.