Intramural Forfeits

Forfeit Policy

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  • Any Intramural Sports team not ready to play a contest at the scheduled game time will automatically forfeit the contest.
    • In case of an unavoidable delay, the starting time may be extended at the discretion of the supervisor.
    • When a team forfeits, a $10.00 fee will be assessed.
      • A member of the Intramural Sports Staff will contact the team following the forfeit.
      • The forfeit fee must be paid at the University Recreation Office before the team’s next scheduled contest.
        • If the forfeit fee is not paid in time, the team will be dropped from the sport.
      • Once a team receives two forfeits, they are automatically dropped from the league.
      • In order to avoid forfeit fees and being dropped from the league, teams may call the Intramural Sports Office (5356) before 3pm the day of the contest and submit a default.
        • If a team has 2 defaults, it will equal 1 forfeit and a fine will be assessed.