Policies and Procedures

Ejection Policy

  1. A. Any time more than 1 member of a team is involved in a fight, that team will forfeit the contest in which the fight occurs and may be suspended from that sport for the remainder of the season or tournament. All team members will be subject to further disciplinary action upon review of the incident by the Intramural Sports Coordinator.
  2. B. If a player is ejected from a game, they are suspended indefinitely from all Intramural competition, effective immediately, pending an interview with the Intramural Sports Coordinator who shall determine the length of the suspension period. The following incidents carry the noted disciplinary action:
    a.Player verbally abuses an official or participant – Minimum of one game (addl’ game)
    b.Threatening behavior toward a player or spectator – Minimum of one month
    c.Player or spectator makes physical contact (battery) toward another player or spectator – Minimum of three months
    d.Threatening behavior toward an official – Minimum of six months
    e.Player or spectator makes physical contact (battery) toward an official – Participation in the Intramural Sports Program is terminated for your UW-Stout duration.
    *No self-imposed penalties will be accepted.
  3. C. The Intramural Sports Coordinator may suspend a participant, for good reason not covered above, from Intramural competition.
  4. D.   All penalties for a sport carry over from Men’s/Women’s to CoRec and vise versa.

All decisions, regarding suspensions and rules of conduct, made by the Intramural Sports Coordinator may be appealed to the University Recreation Director.

Any participant, coach, or spectator who is ejected from any Intramural Sport sponsored  activity, regardless of the reason, is SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY from participation in all Intramural Sports events until a petition is turned in and reinstatement is granted by the Intramural Sports Coordinator.

Individuals who have been suspended and who wish to again become eligible to participate in Intramural Sports Program at UW-Stout must petition, in writing, to the Intramural Sports Coordinator at the University Recreation Office, for a reinstatement hearing. In order to continue in the current block, this petition MUST be turned into the Intramural Sports Coordinator within 2 working days OR before your next scheduled game, whichever comes first. If you fail to do so you forfeit your eligibility for the remainder of this block. If you choose to not petition at the present time you will forfeit your current eligibility. You will also need to petition for your reinstatement to EVER participate in the program in the future.

This petition (handwritten or typed) must include:

  • a description of the incident(s) leading to the ejection.
  • a rationale for actions of the participant/coach/spectator.
  • a rationale for why reinstatement should be granted.
  • a current mailing address, local phone number and student  ID             

Upon receipt of the petition for reinstatement a hearing will be scheduled with the participant and the Intramural Sports Coordinator.  A supervisor and/or official(s) may also be present. Based on the written petition a reinstatement decision will be rendered generally within one working day. Notification of the decision will be made in two ways:

  1. Individual will be notified by phone by the Intramural Sports Coordinator.
  2. A written notice of the decision may be sent by mail or e-mail to the individual.