Fit Club Grand Prize Winners: 200 members made it to the grand prize drawing. The winners are: 

BIKE – Mike Pane
TV – Leah Marg
XBOX 360 + Black Ops – Jordan Goddard
5lb Protein – Marlene Backhaus

Special thanks to Grand prize Sponsors Jimmy Johns & Subway and monthly sponsor Bremer Bank and

The F.I.T club is specifically designed to motivate those members who have taken their first step in buying a fitness membership, but lack the motivation to keep exercising

The purpose of the program is to incentivise members to keep exercising and thereby promote an active & healthy lifestyle in the campus community.

Start Date: Mon,  February 13.

How does the program work?

  • The program is only open to HFC & NP members.
  • Every time a member comes in to workout, their F.I.T Card will be stamped by the desk attendant.
  • If they can get two workouts in a week, they will be eligible for monthly drawings. 
  • If they can make it through the whole semester, they will be eligible for grand prizes at the end of the semester.

What are the prizes?

  • The grand prizes include a 32' Flat Screen TV, XBOX 360 (with call of duty DVD) , bike, jackets and so forth!
  • Monthly prizes include T-shirts, hats, water bottles, and duffel bags.

Program rules

  • Only for HFC & NP members.
  • You just need to workout 2 times per week.
  • At our 24/7 facility (NP), workouts should be during staffed hours to get your card stamped.
  • When you workout, have the desk attendant stamp your card for that particular week of that month.
  • Monthly Prizes: If your Fit Card has 2 workouts per week from the week you started - without any missing weeks, you will be eligible for the monthly drawings (at least 3 weeks required).
      • Inform the desk attendant when you are eligible for the monthly drawings so that you can be included in the drawings.
  • Grand Prizes: At the end of the semester if you have 2 workouts per week from the week you started - without any missing weeks, you will be included in the drawings for the grand prizes (at least 4 weeks required from the starting week).
        • Excused Workouts: You can miss 2 workouts for the whole semester and still be eligible for the grand prize drawings.
  • Winners: The monthly winners will be announced every month on the HFC & NP bulletin boards and on the Fit Club website.

FIT CLUB Sponsors

Grand Prize Sponsors

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Monthly Prize Sponsors

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