personaltraining_1_1_1The GET FIT challenge is focused on overall health & fitness, not just weight loss.  This will incorporate all areas of physical fitness and leave a more rounded, healthier and fitter individual at the end of the program. The program focuses on:       

- % Body Fat Loss (with the new $5000.00 body fat analyzer!)
- Strength Increase (Chest press)       
- Strength Increase (Rows)
- Strength Increase (Leg press)  
- Flexibility Increase (sit and reach)
- Cardiovascular endurance        

 What Does It Cost?

- Student team $30 ($15 per person) 
- Faculty/Staff team $40 ($20 per person)
- Registration Deadline: 6.00pm, Thu, March 1
- Maximum Teams allowed: 8
- Dates: March 1st - May 1st
- Register at the Health & Fitness Center desk

What Do You Get for Participating?

-Two 1.5 hour Personal Training Sessions per team
-One 90 min Nutrition Presentation & program info
 - Thursday, March 1 | 7pm - 9pm, 247A, Sports & Fitness Center

A personalized workout routine

  • Weightlifting and Cardio
  • A Nutrition Tips Handout
  • A Flexibility Program

What Does the Winning Team Receive?

Unlike other programs, there will be no prizes for the winning team! The whole purpose of the progarm is to motivate you internally and not externally. It is still a competition, but you are just competing against yourself. The challenge is designed to encourage participants to stick with a healthy lifestyle even after the progarm ends.


Recommended Body Fat Ranges by ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)
UW-Stout counseling Center