Fit 4 Life Challenge

How To Earn Points

You can earn point by hitting exercise, nutrition and lifestyle goals by completing a variety of possible activities.  Additional bonus points will be awarded for completing a well-balanced range of activities.


Point will be collected on a weekly basis via email.  For teams of more than one person, points will be averaged.

What You Get

  • Access for simple fitness tests (12:00 test, Tanita body fat, push up, plank) during our Personal Trainer Floor Attendant open hours throughout the program
  • Nutrition tools
  • Two personal training sessions per team
  • Weekly prizes (drawn randomly)

Get Registered!

Team of 1-3 people
Deadline: February 9th*
Sign up at the Health & Fitness Center front desk

*Rolling registrations will be accepted, but participants will not begin earning points until the day they register.