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The UW-Stout Strength Competition is the premier strength event held at the Health & Fitness center every Spring (Wed, April 9, 2014). The competition is meant to motivate strength training in the UW-Stout campus.

Men's events

  • Overall Winner (Bench Press, Squat, & Dead Lift)
  • Squat Champ
  • Bench Your Body Weight (done on command)

Women's events

  • Bench Champ (65lb as many times as you can)


  • Registration is free for HFC members
  • The last date for registration is Tuesday, April 8th
  • Registration takes place at the Health & Fitness Center Front Desk

General information

  • All competitors are required to sign a waiver before they can compete.
  • The winner is based on both the weight lifted and their body weight so everyone has a fair chance.
  • The Wilks formula will be used to judge the winner based on their body weight and weight lifted. Wilks formula is used for all official IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) meets.
  • Prizes will be distributed for the Overall winner, the Body Weight Bench champ, and the Squat champ. Other prizes will be given out through the course of the competition to participants and spectators!
  • NO chalk or full body suits will be allowed for the competition, however, wrist straps and back belts will be available for use and athletes may bring their own knee wraps.

Event format

Weigh In/Warm Up (4:30PM): The order of sign-in, beginning at 4:30PM, at the Health & Fitness Center (HFC) Desk will establish the lifting throughout the competition.

Lifting rules will be explained and demonstrated before each event, however, we do expect all competitors to read and understand the lifting rules before the event. If you have any questions, you can clarify it during this time.

Lifting Rules (Helpful videos below)

Lifting Attempts: All competitors will get three attempts for each lift. We will use the BEST of three lifts to judge the winner. The order of lifts are:

  • Men's Squat
  • Women's Bench
  • Men's Bench
  • Bench Your Body Weight
  • Men's Deadlift

2013 Winners

Men's Overall
Jamie Rohrig (Body Wt: 161.64lb, Squat 615, Bench 365, Deadlift 615)
Women's 65lb Bench Champ
Jess Smith (40 times)
Bench Your Own Body Weight Contest
Mark Madero (Body Wt: 205, 22 times)

2012 Winners

Men's Overall

Justin Lavalle (Body Wt: 159lb Deadlift 485, Squat 445, Bench 275)
Women's 65lb Bench Champ
Kayla Choromanski (38 times)
Bench Your Body Weight Contest
Joseph Gruber (33 Times)

2011 Winners

Men's Overall

Justin Lavalle (Body Wt: 162lb Deadlift 500, Squat 440, Bench 275)
Women's Overall
Robyn Plucker (Bench 95)
Men's Bench
Joe Gruber (Bench 365)
Men's Squat
Justin Lavalle (Squat 440)
Bench Your Body Weight Contest
Drew Swole (27 Times)

Scorecard 2011

2010 Winners

Men's Overall

Ryan Thompson (Body Wt: 265lb Deadlift 600, Squat 605, Bench 350)
Women's Overall
Jenny Wegner (Squat 175, Bench 115)
Men's Bench
Joe Gruber (Bench 385)
Men's Squat
Ryan Thompson (Squat 605)
Bench Your Body Weight Contest
Tyler Peck (21 Times)

2009 Winners

Men's Overall

Justin Lavalle ( Bench 300, Deadlift 500, Squat 440).
Women's Overall
Linsey Fulda (Bench 145, Squat 225)
Men's Bench
Joe Gruber (Bench 360)
Men's Squat
Justin Lavalle (Squat 440)

Lifting Rules

The Deadlift Rules Video Transcript

The Squat Rules Video Transcript

The Bench Press Rules Video Transcript

Additional Information

For any other questions, comments, or concerns contact the Health and Fitness Center. 715-232-5378 or