South Hall 2nd

October 20-23 starting nightly at 7pm


Monday: Drop-in group exercise classes and climbing
Tuesday: Volleyball (MPR)
Wednesday: Canoe battleship (Pool)
Thursday: Trenchball (MPR)


October 6-17

To register a team, each RA must create an account on IMLeagues and register their team for Residence Hall Week. Each RA must also complete a paper roster and submit that to the Urec Office (41 SFC) on or before October 17.  

Points System

Teams will accumulate points each night of competition to determine an overall Residence Hall Champion. Teams will earn points based on the following criteria: 
10 PTS - Participation in the tourney
40 PTS - 1st place in a nightly event
30 PTS - 2nd place in a nightly event
20 PTS - 3rd place in a nightly event
1 PT for each drop-in group fitness class or climbing
1 PT for each fan in attendance


Nightly winners will receive championship T-shirts for each member that participated that night. Overall winners will receive a water bottle and public bragging rights. A banner will be awarded to the winning hall and displayed in the Sports and Fitness Center for all to see. 

Rules and More Info about Res Hall Week

For more information about the tournament please contact Jordan Olson, Intramural Sports Coordinator. 715-232-5356 or

Canoe Battleship is offered in blocks 2 & 3, and Residence Hall Week