Traveling With Your Sports Club

Traveling with your organization on trips and events is always exciting! However, before and after traveling, please remember to complete the necessary forms. The links to these forms are on the right side of this page.

Student travel is VERY detailed and often complicated. Communication and attention to details are EXTREMELY important for Organizations to be reimbursed! Remember!!!! Anyone who would like to be reimbursed for travel expenses MUST HAVE expenses turned in within two weeks of the travel dates. After the two week time limit, expenses will not be reimbursed!

Important Forms

These forms can be found on the right-hand side of the page listed under "Travel Forms"

1. Driver Authorization:

This form is REQUIRED for EVERY DRIVER traveling with a Fleet or Enterprise Vehicle. Driver Authorizations are valid during the academic school year and must be resubmitted annually. If you are an out-of-state driver, this form must be notarized. For your convenience, there are notaries on campus. This form should be completed by everyone in the beginning of the school year but a minimum of 5 weeks prior to traveling for the first time. Drop the form off at Safety and Risk Management, Room 130 University Services. They will process the form.

2. Travel Authorization:

ANYONE traveling, regardless of driving or not must have this form completed with all of the required signatures PRIOR to leaving campus if they will be requesting reimbursement. Please complete the form and drop it off in room 41 in the Sport Clubs mailbox. The Sports Club Coordinator will verify funds, complete the Account Code, reserve a car if you are requesting one, print the form and obtain signatures. The student will also need to stop by the Urec office and sign the form and can have the form back after signatures have been obtained as they need it to travel and to pick up vehicles if applicable. IF THIS PAPERWORK IS NOT COMPLETE, THEN YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO TRAVEL, AND YOUR CLUB WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED FOR ANY TRAVEL EXPENSES.

3. Gas Reimbursement Worksheet

If you will be seeking reimbursement for fuel purchases, you are required to complete the Gas Reimbursement Worksheet. Follow directions on this form and turn it in with your Travel Expense Form.


4. Tips and Reminders

  • Everything needs to be completed and turned in within 2 weeks of the travel dates to be reimbursed!!
  • Use the Explain Trip/Event in DETAIL!
  • Bring ORIGINAL documentation to the Exec Board (e.g: Brochure, Gas Worksheets, etc.)
  • Delays in documentation substantially delays the process!

Fleet Vehicles

Fleet Vehicle has vehicles available to meet the transportation needs of the university community. The fleet is composed of four subcompact sedans, four sedans, two station wagons and four mini-vans.

NOTE: Vehicle use is charged a MINIMUM of 100 miles per day whether you travel that far or not. The amount is based on the type of vehicle you rent.

2011-12 Rates

Compact $.46 per mile
Midsize $.51 per mile
Vans $.59 per mile

Other Transportation Options

Enterprise Rentals

Organizations wishing to rent vehicles through Enterprise should schedule an apt to with the Sports Club supervisor to make the reservation.  Travel plans will be discussed with you and the vehicle registration will be put on a ProTravel Card.

Kobussen Buses

If your organization has a large group of individuals traveling, it may be best to utilize a bus. UW-Stout’s charter coach provider is Kobussen Buses. The number to reserve the bus is 1-800-283-4234. Please double check and see that there are funds allocated for this PRIOR to reserving a bus.

Travel Forms

Here are the forms that will need to be filled before and after your trip.

Risk Management and Awareness

For your information, please read over the the about risk and liability of what you are responsible for on your trip.